Friday, May 13, 2011

Private Practice: Addison's Testimony "Something Old, Something New"

The Practice has taken a toll

"I hope it was worth it!"

Name: Addison Montgomery
Title: Director. Head of Neonatal Surgery, Obstetric and Gynecology M.D. F.A.C.S.

I hope it was worth it, those words must have rang in her head and left Addison flabbergasted. "Was Naomi serious!" she must have thought "I thought she was my best friend". In all fairness, sleeping with your best friend's ex could put a dent in the relationship, but Addison felt that dent. She was open with her feelings and she felt guilt before anything was ignited. Sam made it clear to her that she may have been the one for him. Addison did not deceive Naomi, so where did that come from. "I hope it was worth it", as though she stabbed Naomi in the back.

Addison had it rough from the moment she was introduce in Grey's Anatomy. She was labeled the backstabber, a bi%#@, pathetic and inhumane for her action. From what was grasped in all perspective, Addison was searching for happiness. She met her husband at a very young age, still growing in her profession. She was seeking some meaning, a family that wanted her. Derek was not it, but it doesn't excuse the way he isolated her. After the affair he fled to another city and makes him flawed. He refused to face his problems head on and created more baggage to carry.

After that phase, Addison was still searching. Like any human being, she wants love and what might be a unique practice, she cherishes it. Even through her escapades, she has experimented with every possible ideal before she gets involved. She moved to LA for that better life, to life with her friends and share fond memories. She lived ten times as much. Some way down the line she was a turn, unexpected and now it seems like a lot of people are turning against her. The man she loves or loved, turned her away for wanting a child with him. This was strange since he once claimed to love her and he placed her in the very difficult situation with her best friend to a "I hope it was worth it!"

Sam already has a family, there is just no room for anyone else. He has Maya and her baby and her husband and...

These all sound like excuses, like he was playing Addison like a fiddle. It was as if everything that happened between them turned into a joke. Time wasted and for what? Addison's ultimatum was a way to test Sam, but he failed. She saw a side to him that would make anyone resent him. The breaking point for Addie was surely Pete. When times were tough, Pete turned on her in one snap. His wife came first and even though Addison was thinking of the Practice and what Violet made them prone to, Addison was wrong for it. You have your friends, and while there would be concern for them, it would be better to think long term than be small minded.

Addison is now struggling to fit in. Her pain is reflected with every hurt, and mistrial. Every time she tries something new, she loses more. Addison is strong.

What I admire about Private Practice is it's ability to set aside the human mistakes made in everyday life. Not every one knows what they want in this life and it becomes a trial when focus is placed on figuring it out. Addison is a classic example. She still hasn't found it, but she still fighting and she is still trying. Addison has accomplished a lot, she is trying to keep the Practice firm even though it is like a battle field.

Naomi's rage is misplaced. She has too much on her mind and yet she tries to express her stress through anger. There is only so much hurt one human can take, and that is all Addison is, human.


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