Monday, November 9, 2009

Private Practice 'Strange Bedfellows' Review

If there was ever a time for Amy Brenneman to win the 'Best Female actress' Award, 'Most outstanding Actress in a drama series', 'Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series' or even the 'Actress of the Year' award, this is her moment of true accomplishment. I not only applauded her for her confrontational with Katie, but those words " made me crazy and now you want a free pas From Me!" would forever have me applauding her every time that clip is replayed in memory. Bravo Amy Brenneman, I look forward for your speech when you receive that award!

Violet's testimony against Katie was the highlight of this episode and only towards the ending of it all could you truly rationalize the concept behind 'Strange Bedfellows'. I am happy that Shonda Rhimes chose to put the spotlight on someone else for a change. The heat was placed too many times on Addison and now she has a break to work with and improve her character. Through Violet's resentment, she sided with Katie in the end, there was no doubt that Katie was crazy when she committed that vile act against Violet, but I don't think anyone would have showed the deepest level of humanity by admitting that. Anyone else would have fed Katie to the wolves.

Katie played by Amanda Foreman was also a best addition to the recurring role cast. She placed a certain touch on Katie's crazy character that enabled anyone to despise her and also relate to what crazy could do to anyone. That made Violet's decision to send her to a psychiatric ward for help as opposed to jail all the better to accept. It made sense why Pete would try to have Violet change her mind about the way Katie was going to be convicted, because as Violet said, that entire incident affected him too. I admired everyone's contribution while Violet rehabilitated herself. This Practice is truly a family. Naomi plays a crucial role, despite her promotion away for 'the family', she was still able to hold Violet's hand.

It was also interesting having Sam play the crucial friend role when Katie's father came to visit Violet at work, it was like Violet was reliving every horrid detail all over again and she would soon run in the closet to hide from everyone else. Katie's father mentioned Pete's testimony, like Katie herself and the both of them found his testimony harsh and deplorable. I wonder how Pete phrased his testimony, I would have loved to hear it. I am sure it definitely contradicted Violet's testimony which gave the jury a softer approach to their ruling, which is ironic because Violet was the one that went through the 'baby being ripped out your belly' fact.

Aside from the Violet-Katie theme, which I obviously found as the center thrill for 'Strange Bedfellows', there was also a recurrence with two characters from Season 2, Episode 22 in the episode 'Yours, Mine and Ours' last season. It was impressive of the writers to give patients follow up roles. It was decent to know that the practice didn't dump these pregnant women after that one episode, with a new and improved storyline to boost. Many of you may or may not know this but Zoe (One of the pregnant women) played by Tessa Thompson, also guest starred in the Grey's Anatomy episode of 'Losing My Religion'. Seeing as these shows are linked this kind of crossover cannot be accomplished if the character passed on another show and appears in the same reality linked to another series. That is unless she is a very good look-a-like, distantly related or a reincarnation.

Zoe and Amelia played convincing roles as mothers who bonded because of the children inside of them. Amelia and Zoe's embryos were switched and they are now carrying each others child. This mishap, revealed in 'Yours' Mine and Ours' was caused on Naomi's watch and Zoe still holds a grudge against her for it. It was touching watching these women bond despite the conflicting situation with the babies and Zoe's estranged husband. I admired these characters contributions especially when Zoe lost Amelia's child and how she dealt with Amelia taking off with her child when Zoe's husband returned. This also means that we could possibly receive another appearance from these characters as Amelia is still on the run and nothing was ever resolved.

Going back to Violet and Katie's interaction in the visiting room, I must highlight that entire scene, when Violet placed her chair away from Katie. It showed how she still feared Katie and would have preferred some serious security and distance before she ever entered that room, but her speech sold that scene completely.

Katie: "...I need help, I need someone on my side"
Violet: "Y-yo-you gutted me like a pig, you ripped my baby out of my body, you left me there to bleed to death and now I should be on your side! I should care about how sorry you are! I should give a damn about what happens to you! You made my life hell, you made me crazy and now you want a free pas FROM ME!"

Wow, there are not many scenes on television these days that leaves you speechless, but somehow I couldn't stop applauding her for that flawless reaction. Thumbs up Amy Brenneman, an Emmy is headed your way!

Oh and welcome to the Practice Charlotte!



Five Stars

Grade A+

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