Saturday, November 7, 2009

Smallville 'Roulette' Review

This was definitely a Oliver Queen - Green Arrow episode. It was proven in 'Echo' that Oliver had sunk to the lowest of lows and had given up his Green Arrow saving days. He was even willing to gamble away all that he was worth, enough to consider risking is entire life. I don't believe it's all because he blames himself for Lex's death that has his him portraying suicide attempts. Olivia believes that there isn't that one person in his life he can count on. Even Lois is pre-occupied with 'The Blur' and Clark and Tess has her own 'Let's save the world' issues to bare. She basically used him for hr advantage to get the Toy man on her side.

Although there was no mention of the Toy Man or even Tess this hour, Clark and Lois did share their moments together. Their movie moment was classic, especially when Clark raced into his home to find Lois fixing her laundry. Clark stood there long enough for Lois to turn around and catch him, but I bought the 'Oh I'm checking my laundry and there you are' thing they had going on. My Classic Clois moments would be Clark holding Lois' bra and Lois' Da duum da dum... she actually did the voice overs quite effectively. Though they fell out soon later when she figured out that Oliver tried to commit suicide an Clark hid the fact from her. The whole movie time was a sham for her to deal with the fact that Ollie couldn't spend the time with her - and I thought Lois just missed Clark.

We're back to the game of Roulette and soon after Oliver takes a drug that knocks him out, he wakes up in a coffin. Now that could be anyone's greatest fear, but as soon as he got out of it and saw Lex's coffin next to his I wondered if Lex was actually going to make an appearance, if not in person, at least more than a coffin worth of screen time. They completely blew that hope out of the water. It is revealed in the end that Chloe forged the entire deal for Oliver to get over himself and wake up to smell the coffee. I admire Chloe's passion, but with Chloe there is always more that meets the eye, she is up to something.

Cloe and Clark have formed a sort of truce together because I remember the time she basically begged Clark to bring Jimmy back and he refused, she was more the upset with him. It's either she actually reasoned how silly it was for her to ask, or she has suppressed her feelings yet again for the bigger picture. Chloe has developed this hero savior complex. She sets a goal in her mind and she carries it out. What time does Chloe leave for herself in the mid rim, everything is either for Lois, Clark, anyone else but herself. Chloe needs to be selfish sometimes.

I was glad to see Oliver pick himself up, I didn't like the fact that Lois got in the middle, but Chloe was quite aware that Lois would do whatever it took and most of the times gets in the way, why didn't she try to warn Lois or even detain her, Lois should not have been in the Crossfire. It also looks as though lately Chloe has been harvesting some deep issue with Lois and Clark and I wonder if Lois is just a contingency in Chloe's opinion.

None-the-less, I know Clark and Lois would rekindle their flame towards each other, she cares about him too much to avoid him for much longer. The producers are making a could spin of the Lois and Clark theme and as a fan myself I appreciate the direction they are taking the pair, no matter how long it took to get here. Let's hope Oliver's suicide streak is really gone and he gets on board the hero wagon like the rest of the crew, Clark could really use all the help he can get.



Four Stars

Grade B-

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