Thursday, November 12, 2009

The New Adventures of Old Christine 'Dr. Little Man' Review

This is a new change for Christine, where get to see Matthew's side of things and the way he handles his job. How long did he think his blossoming relationship with his sister would, last and did Christine really think she could give advice.

Now that Barb and Richard are married, they haven't really been in the marriage mood really and Barb's potential love interest hasn't really been in the picture since he imprisoned her then gave her advice to marry someone else. It didn't stop Richard from making the moves on New Christine in her vulnerable state of the 'single life' and dating'.

Speaking of dating, Christine has been doing a lot of that lately and this time it's with Matthew's work associate, also into the psychiatric session. I knew he wasn't talking about having sex with Christine the first time, but I wonder if their relationship would go beyond just sex and he could be a recurring role keeper.

Another good one, but I really want to see some pieces coming together and for Christine's life to be smoothed out. Richie has hardly made any appearances worth talking about this season. He has really grown though so I wonder if they would give him more grown up roles to work with?



Three and a Half Stars

Grade C-

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