Monday, November 9, 2009

Gossip Girl 'They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?' Review

Talk about hilarious! Even through the melodrama of Olivia's movie dilemma, Blair's fallout with Serena and Jenny's midlife crisis, I really couldn't help myself.

I would give Gossip Girl one thing, they surely made Jenny into a B**** and if they could shoot Humphreys I'm sure she would be the first target.

Whew, there was a lot of battling going on and a bit of madness everywhere. The main event this time was the Debutante Ball and it was Jenny's goal to score a date before the night was up or she would have surely turned into the Brooklyn pumpkin she dreaded.

Each character from season one has their imitator; Jenny is supposedly playing the old Blair Waldorf, the new clingy girl is the old Jenny and Graham Collins - the old Nate Archibald. While these moments bring back fond memories, I would have preferred if things remained the way they were and for Jenny to be in something more original. While Jenny keeps prancing around in shorts, all blacks and goes backstabbing her brother, I can't understand how Rufus could stand back and be proud of his grown daughter without any resentment towards the person she is becoming. Maybe he could be busy with post-nuptial arrangements, but I remembered the time he freaked when Jenny once went nuts and stubborn. Now Jenny is willing to kill her principles and chill with no-brainers all for what? Popularity? If she thought having Nate as an escort did the trick to score some points, I ask myself, what is a guy like Nate Archibald still hanging around a group of high schoolers, doesn't he have his college frat boys to hang wit'.

That also goes for Blair, Chuck and all the other people that seemed completely out of place here. I understand why Lily would want to host the Ball another time around, her credibility stands, but I really cannot appreciate the moments she has with Rufus anymore. They've settled down and the writers have done nothing to rekindle that flame I once admired.

The Threesome theme was reflected in every promotion and it also placed an odd thought as to what three was it going to be. What a huge let down it was to see Olivia-Dan and Vanessa flaunt it all over town then head back to Dan's place to get-it-on. Didn't Vanessa feel like the third wheel at any point, enough for her to decide it was too hot for her to bathe in the shower with her Best friend and his girlfriend. Vanessa seemed to be the one drinking the most and they were pretty hammered, but even before the partying and the heading back to Dan's place, didn't Vanessa see where that article was going to lead?

Uninteresting plots:

I just knew they were going to pull the Tripp and Serena card.

Jenny was just disappointing, I really wanted to slap her and not in the love to hate her kind of way.

The Debutante Ball

Oh oh it looks as though Eric has it out for Jenny...

I'm glad they made up, but Blair and Serena's feud got really old.

Lily found the letter!

Chuck and Blair couldn't save this one.

The End

I expect a little level of credibility from Gossip Girl, that's all. So Yeah, I want Nate to get a life (I would have preferred if he kicked Jenny to the curb and teach her a lesson, what happened to her not being the same person). Rufus needs to see some change in his little girl and Dan, well I don't know, it really seems like Olivia has done him more harm than good. Doesn't Olivia have her own goodie-time place, like a loft or a mansion of some sort, why is she always by Dan's?

Unfortunately, there weren't much Highlights this round worth pointing out. I found myself humored by the attempt to recreate something that was once good, but that can't be done so the writers need to focus on what is already there. Sadly this episode turned out to be the exact quality I expected.



Two Stars

Grade D-


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you! The episode was so annoying and I don't think that will change for the rest of the season... again.

Lexa Cliche said...

I believe that these actors and actresses work with the script. I don't feel as though they challenge the writing enough to create well developed story lines. The moment an idea goes through their head they write it down without carrying it out gradually; like the threesome.

Other series survive based on well developed story-lines and it actually makes us appreciate the characters better the simpler things are, but I agree things would not change, unless they sort out the flawed parts.