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Smallville Season 9, Episode 8: 'Idol' Review

There would be those moments in classic television history where scenes get so steamy that your mouth waters at the sight of it. 'Idol' had its effects and the eye capturing moments between Lois and Clark would have any Clois fan drooling over the sight of skin and Tom Welling's err Clark's nipple hanging at bay, his chest caressed by Lois...
I guess I'm swaying away with it and anyone would. What sealed that opening scene was Lois falling helplessly into Clark's arms as he caressed her into a kiss.

No wonder Lois got lost in her daydream and even if that moment was happening in her head, it was still worth every second. I knew it had to be a dream of some sort, they wouldn't make Clark and Lois kiss and then skip a chapter, the strange orange light and dream-like scenario gave whiff to the daydream's being. Lois was just classic here, trying to cover up her emotions and the reason behind her sudden disappearance for two weeks. Clark really did a number on her and I couldn't understand how he was so calm in front of Lois. "We should talk about it" and "Are you turning red?", well 'go figure' stud, she's blushing, you don't just open a can of worms and expect them to stay in one place.

I suppose given Clark's isolation from human emotions, even what it means to have someone blush after haven kissed them two weeks ago means zip to him. I'm sure he thought Lois was tough enough to handle it, but in the end it boils down to emotions anyone couldn't ignore, no matter how tough they are.

This was definitely a Clois oriented episode, which explains why I am going into such detail trying to adjust to the range of emotions expressed between them. It is literally breathtaking.

'Idol' definitely had its moments in the spotlight, and Clark's identity came close to being revealed many times over. It's good that Smallville links the social world of Twitter, Facebook and Blogs so we could easily relate. It's not everyday one would find a superhero as their plus one friend and it was good that Clark wasn't the one behind his 'Brand \S/' collation. The Wonder Twins were wonderful indeed and proved to be the biggest fans of 'The Blur'. They were definitely a new additions to the cast and I really look forward to seeing them again, on top of that they did do Clark a huge favor by setting up blogs in his name, it is the modern way of communication these days and the best way to get a message across.

The one person that has been scaring me a bit lately is Chloe. She acts as though she has everything under control, but she's not exactly bulletproof and could easily get hurt. She also acts autonomously and lately, irrationally 'for the sake of all man kind'. I commend her for getting Clark out of the hot seat with Lois. I want Lois to find out about Clark's secret, but somehow it felt too soon for Lois to find out and I'm not sure who Chloe did it for exactly. The way Chloe is sounding these days, she would easily clunk you over the head ten times and then tell you she was doing for your well being and that a headache would have been inevitable.
I'm not sure how friendly or family oriented Chloe is, since her only focus is recruiting and protecting the world and even Clark from himself.

Everything keeps pointing it's way to Lois and the three week lapse in her memory. I admired that therapist a great deal, she is assertive in her depictions from Lois' dreams (which, may I add are WOW!) and involve clothes - coming off according to Lois. What I gathered from Lois' dream is the entire three weeks coming back to her. After all we do know she went to the future and brought the ninja girl back with her. I believe that she and Clark's relationship is intense and passionate in the future, but there was some sort of war going on between Zod and Kal El (referencing vague symbols symbolic of Zod's nature and Clark in some sort of cell), especially since Zod knows Clark's true identity and has even bothered to show his face since, which isn't good. The last time he did that he tried to have Tess killed.

Somehow Chloe gets caught in the crossfire, being human and strongly hero motivated it doesn't surpass her, but was that a Chloe unconscious?
What I don't get is why would the ninja chick try to kill Clark to save the future? My guess is his human side gets in the way of his objectivity; definitely something to do with Lois, which explains why the ninja chick knew Lois was the best way to get to Clark. This is all speculation though, but Lois' dreams have always been consistent with her being with Clark intimately (hopefully there would be no problems in that area).

I love the new direction Smallville has taken. I am officially hooked and can't get enough of it. I actually get excited for more each week and... attempt to reconstruct the way in which the writers would take the Lois and Clark angle, but they always surprise me and I don't believe I could think up something so intricate between them and connect the chemistry bubbles they have together. The glasses was a sweet angle and Clark should take Lois' advice about the contacts, maybe Clark really didn't know about contacts or the glasses thing was just a cover up from Lois almost revealing his secret. So how would CK cover his identity when he does reveal his secret?

I also commend Lois for taking charge back into her own hands you know! Let Clark whine and blush over her for a while. Kicking the box over with her stiletto heals was the first nudge, stepping on top of it was the second, but grabbing Clark's head in like that, even he was surprised and that kiss well it surely knocked heads out and blew the whistle. The cherry on top would be Clark's concern for Lois as she fell unconscious in his loving arms... (sigh) That was a real gem.



Five Stars

Grade A+

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