Monday, November 9, 2009

The Office 'Koi Pond' Review

'The Office' s showing levels of consistency with humor lately and this time it went out with a splash (Couldn't help it)! I recently took in the full recording of Michael's splash into the pond and it was super hilarious. Everyone came down on Jim for his reluctance to save Michael before he took a dive, but I really couldn't blame him. Michael is naturally clumsy and it really looked as though he would have gladly took Jim for a dive with him if Jim hadn't stepped away. At least Jim was willing to get his hands wet enough to pull him out of the pond. Michael should have just gone home and changed to avoid being mocked the rest of the office day. My perception of Erin this rounds is that she wants be excepted by everyone. if she was oddly devoted t Michael as I presumed before, she would have tried to avoid making fun of him and warn him instead. She acts like a poppet that just does what she's told (harsh).

On the sidelines, with Andy and Pam being the ones to gain the least sales, their job is to recruit as many customers as possible. Pam and Andy having the least sales was not only believable, but I wonder who came up with the idea to have them scouting for customers. Andy is oddly strange and I understand why he would be offended when a potential customer implied that they were a could, but why rub and kiss her belly? I am sure Pam tried to withhold giving him a punch in that moment, either that or she accepted the weirdest of things Andy could possibly do.

In 'The Lover' it was obvious that Pam had some issues regarding Erin. It was clearly shown when Andy suggested her as a possibly mate for himself, Pam shrugged at the thought of him and Erin, probably just the thought of Erin alone. It was nice of her to query whether Erin saw Andy as hot, but she would still be weird in Pam's eyesight.

There wasn't much insight into Michael's relationship with Pam's mother, that was probably why Pam spent the entire day out of the office, she is definitely still holding a grudge and Jim could be the mediator between them. I am actually taking a liking to this new approach, it is incredibly appealing the way they make use of each character. However minor each small input is appreciated.

Koi Pond Quotes:

Erin: "David Wallace Called"
Michael: "Oh he did! What did he say?"
Erin: "He heard you made a big splash at the meeting. Oh My God! that was so mean, what I just said and I didn't mean it, it was Kevin and Meredith that put me up to it"

Stanley: "Michael you don't listen to them
Michael: "Thank you Stanley"
Stanley: "You just ignore their carp-planing"

Creed: "Hey Boss! Did you Find Nemo?" (Good One) :)

Michael: "I can name Pixar movies too! Toy Story"
Oscar: "Don't you mean Koi-Story"

Phyllis: "When you fell in, did you flounder?"

Michael: "I'm not usually the butt of the joke, I'm usually the face of the joke.I wish Jim had fallen into that pond. Then he'd have to put on my suit, and it would be too short, and he'd look—dammit, he'd still look good."

I actually found the Halloween theme interesting this time and Jim's quote reflecting his personality perfectly.

Jim: "We are doing a haunted house this Halloween, which is actually kind of spooky because, as legend has it, on this very site, there used to be a productive paper company."



Four and a Half Stars

Grade B-

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