Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Office 'The Lover' Review

Michael has done some crazy things in the Office, sleeping with Pam's mother topped the list of the craziest. I did admire Pam's attempt to persuade Jim into believing that Michael was practically sleeping with his mother. The thought could even make anyone queezy in the stomach, but I really found Pam exceptionally annoying towards Michael. Pam's Honeymoon in Puerto Rico did a number on her given the slightly romantic scenes between her and Jim, but she just couldn't rationalize the concept that Michael got so close to her family and despite what Pam resented, Michael could actually be the father-like role model in her life.

Pam preferred to keep things separate from the office to her home life, but her mother knew what mess she was getting into the moment she crossed that line with Michael. Michael is somewhat a childlike person, but treating him like a dog seemed offensive on many levels. She probably felt obligated to B**** about him because Jim was the second boss and her job was essentially safe. It was fun seeing Stanley and Pam on the same page regarding the meeting Michael concocts.

The writers made exceptional use of each character this round. Stanley got to share some enjoyment with Pam's chant against Michael's meetings, Creed had his Opera moment while Jim scammed Andy, Toby and Michael bonded over Pam's hostility (however long that lasted). Now thinking about it, Toby did feel appreciated when Michael showed him a friendly face and even though it could have been short lived, he still hung in long enough to give Michael a pat on the back. Does that mean he sees Michael as a father figure or even like a brother you would love to hate?

I am still adjusting to Erin's character and her role in Pam's replacement secretary job. She is overly cheerful at times, part of why she and Kelly hits it off as friends. Her highlighted moment was among her, Pam and the sweets Pam brought back from Puerto Rico. She obviously comes of as being weird in Pam's opinion and completely devoted to Michael. She doesn't even try to be everyone's best friend, but she comes of as the girl that is the way she is. She and Andy also developed a thing during Pam's wedding in Niagara Falls and they compliment each other perfectly.

There was still no mention of Kevin's credit card scam while Jim and Pam were honeymooning, it doesn't seem like it would be resolved anytime soon. Maybe Jim had another credit card for them to meet ends. Dwight has had it out for Jim lately, ever since he got the promotion. I couldn't imagine what the office would be like if Dwight got the promotion over Jim. Kelly and Ryan would not easily be able to scam him without fear of scrutiny, but I'm sure Ryan could have easily stolen Kelly ten bucks and then turn around and mention the three she owes him for gas. It's classic how manipulative Ryan could be towards Kelly, any other person would seriously kick him to the curb.

Good episode, except for Pam's whining, every bit managed to pull off a big laugh. Michael doesn't cease to amaze viewers on the weirdest things ever done. On an ending note, what would Dwight gain from eavesdropping on Jim? An advantage to supersede him in the future? Anything crazy is possible.



Four Stars

Grade B-

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