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Smallville 'Crossfire' Review

This is what we've been waiting for, the biggest moment in Smallville history and the time actually came for - Oliver to admit his true feelings for Lois. On a realistic note, that kiss was to die for, at least most Clois viewers fainted when Clark's lips met Lois' and it was for real this time. At least I stood up and shouted at the screen in awe. Crossfire did it! Was all the trial and error worth it for this head over heals kiss? Absolutely!

'Crossfire' was filled with comedy from beginning to a surprising end. The only thing that could have improved Lois' career was a time slot in television and 'The Morning Show' was a good enough start to make her name. I knew she couldn't remain angry with Clark forever, just the sound of his manly voice and muscular built could have anyone thinking twice about remaining angry. I loved how she was able to make him squirm, his uncomfortable nature during the interview was more than obvious, which leaves me wondering why Lois would choose Clark as opposed to Oliver who could win her some points.

Sure Clark's extremely attractive and with a boost of training he could grab a good anchor gig, but I also believed Lois chose Clark so she could spend more time with him. It also meant that she had already forgiven him for lying to her and for standing her up twice. Although Lois didn't grab 'The Morning Show' anchor she dreamed of, she may have gotten something much better - to work with the man of her dreams (literally).

Chloe had her head tangled into something else involving Tess, another one of Chloe's save the world complex. Chloe and Tess basically share the same goals, I wonder if they would ever team up for the good of the world, Chloe did manage to grab her hands on Tess' 'Tech Boy' in the end scene. Wasn't he afraid that Tess would kill him, so why join with the enemy?

In Crossfire I noticed several color changes. Clark and Lois had the bubbly colors of red, orange - along those lines, so did Chloe's scenes, up until she joined forces with Tess' tech guy. Tess's colors with Zod was more silver-blue and it felt cold. Tess seems genuine enough when it comes to saving mankind and she obviously doesn't trust Zod enough, she also knows more about The Blur than she's letting on. She strikes me as the person that wants to control the cards. Zod is helpless without his powers and Tess knows that, so she keeps her trump card very close. I wonder how Tess was able to get rid of Zod's assassin? I know she could kick butt, but is she really that good. They didn't really show much of a fight for fans to admire, but Zod's reaction to a disappearing Tess was priceless. How did Tess pull off that disappearing stunt, is she a magician as well?

Speaking of assassin, I actually admired Lois' assassin from the future that really came for Clark. There are many questions that still haven't been answered. What did Clark do that it's worth killing him in the past to save the future?
Her battle with Clark however short-lived felt in vain, such that there would be another attempt on his life, if so it's really just a matter of time.

The only thing that could be saddening about Lois and Clark's new found relationship, is the fact that Lois could be in serious danger because of it. the woman that came to kill Clark tried to get to him through Lois, that should strike up all the bells in Clark's 'cautious' head. I am sure Chloe has perspective with respect to Lois and Clark's relationship so why encourage it, especially since she hasn't really been completely supportive of them. Doesn't she care about her cousin's safety?

Aside from the dismal side, I just adored Clois' dating game, they prove to have deep chemistry together. It was endearing watching Clark probe Lois for a second date, which meant that he really couldn't suppress his feelings for her anymore - just give me that second date already! I saw the jealousy in Lois' eyes when Clark possibly met 'The perfect girl' or according to Lois 'Mother Teresa in six inch heals'. They most rather be going on dates with each other, so when Oliver tried to confess his feelings for Lois (...just all of a sudden he decided to have an epiphany), I saw the awkwardness in her solely because she knew Clark was listening. Erica Durance has given Lois such a grace this season that I admire, so no wonder Clark finds her more than irresistible and their connection is more profound than it has ever been.

There was always something that came in the way of the two of them, and this time it could have easily been Oliver. Clark wears jealousy on a very amatory scale and he went nuts over Oliver's confession of love for Lois. There was actually a moment went Lois an Oliver was caught in a crossfire and the bullet was inches away from Oliver's eye, a split second later and that could have been deadly. That was actually a new touch in the slow-mos with Super Clark. The only fault I had with that scene was Oliver standing in one place shielding Lois as though the bullets would bounce off his skin, why didn't her dive to the floor. Anyway, it did give Clark a chance to save Oliver's life with a jealous sneer added.

I am not completely into Mia Dearden, Oliver's way of helping someone out I guess. I thought she was a bit naive, but she shows potential and had some sweet moves. I wonder if they'll be writing in a possible love storyline between them since Lois clearly stated she was only interested in Clark. There are many videos plastered all over the internet citing 'The Legendary Kiss' between Lois and Clark. I'm just glad that the only thing able to silence Lois was Clark's lips against hers. The moment just made you smile at the screen and if you recorded it, replay would become your best friend.


Lois: "...if you want these main frame matchmakers to pick you're a winner, you really have to be careful to choose just the right words."
Clark: "I filled mine out in ten minutes this morning."
Lois: "I guarantee that's the only ten you're getting out of it."

Lois forgot his lightening speed typing skills (whoops)! Anyway I'm sure Clark's picture was what did the trick, the words would be the bonus.

Lois: "Couldn't this heart to heart have waited until the cameras are off?"
Oliver: "No. I'm not hiding my feelings anymore Lois and I kinda figure by saying those stuff with the cameras on I could prove that to you."
Lois: "I had no idea, you still had such strong feelings."

Neither did I, I am sure what Ollie was feeling was Lois' support for him throughout his good and bad, he was the one that noticed the connection between her and Clark. I guess he figured since Clark wasn't making his move, he should make his.



Five Stars

Grade A

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