Monday, November 9, 2009

The Mentalist 'Black Gold and Red Scare' Review

One week after Van Pelt and Rigsby's relationship revelation and the chemistry was the ready, set and going. I am happy the didn't dip too much into it and focus solely on Jane instead. They might think that Jane isn't fully aware, but Van Pelt should know better than that. His sensors goes up like crazy for those things. Given the right moment, all would be revealed. It's just like the pilot, only when Van Pelt question him, did he throw out the heat between her and Rigsby.

On the side of everything, the one thing I wouldn't imagine was a Patrick Jane in prison. It's about time Boscow discovered the bug in his office and he may have intentionally wanted to teach Jane a lesson and get him out of his way. At first I believed that he had the 'hots' for Lisbon, but it could have easily been the material she held over him. I did nt believe the 'happily married stunt'. Boscow knew that Lisbon could compromise herself as well as him for the cover up, but he also developed a fondness for her.

Van Pelt's 'I see the way he looks at you' gave that away. Boscow could have easily lost all respect for her when she threatened to reveal his past if he didn't cut Jane some slack. I didn't believe that it was so easy for Jane to break out of jail and for him to get away scot free. I would have thrown in some community service to make it believable.

On the Jail topic, Jane was surely the psychiatrist in the prison. He leant an ear to his cell mate about his parent and to the labeled 'bad boy' in prison, which officially made jail time his big break, especially since he broke out just to solve a case. Jane's smart boy routine could only last him so long. He has lost all perspective and has set his life on one goal, finding Red John. He broke out of prison, because her knew he could and solved a good case to get back in good faith with the CBS, but his action could bare its consequences and land him in a place worse than jail - where he would have nothing to do with Red John.

Somehow I keep getting this deep connection between him and Lisbon. I believe Lisbon sympathizes with him and lends him a bone once in a while. Jane is scared on a deeper level since the loss of his family and compassion is thrown his was. Even Rigsby and Cho was willing to get their hands dirty to help him out of another deep pit he got himself into. Jane remains smirk because he believes that his friends would always lend a hand to help him.

I was glad Jane was able to point out Lisbon's connection to Boscow, I really thought he was head over heals for her and jealous of Jane, I still think so, but on another level of devotion. Now let's see what conflict Jane would stir up next round.



Four Stars

Grade B-

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