Monday, November 9, 2009

Castle 'Vampire Weekend' Review

'Vampire Weekend' was surely creepiest one for Castle to solve a murder case dealing with a stake through the heart. Now we all watch these in movies and the occasional series would be centered around the Vampire, but when it comes close to realty that is when the fingers start scratching heads. I really was intrigues by the coffin and the fear everyone had surrounding it. Beckett and Castle crossed a guy who was staked through the heart, what if there was a real vampire in the coffin. I seriously pictured Castle screaming like a girl. So when the guy snuck up behind him and his skin began to burn because of the sun, I really wondered how they were going to explain it.

The medical condition that causes your skin to burn by the sun, was a good touch. That guy really believed he was a vampire. This episode truly showed what anyone could harvest in their thoughts even from a young age. How sad it was for this man to find out that his second wife was responsible for his first wife's murder. Anyone would have a serious breakdown after the fact, especially since she was able to kill another member of the family. That was seriously crazy squared, how could he not pick up on the pieces sooner?

Castle's family is always a sideline story, but it always works to see them on the side. Castle's daughter is known to give him some insight, I am glad it doesn't always end with Alexis pointing Castle in the right direction and that Castle could actually solve a case on his own. Who would have thought a man good with a pen and paper could solve the same mysteries he created.

Beckett's Halloween trick was hilarious, she sure fooled Castle.



Four Stars

Grade B-

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