Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Castle 'When the Bough Breaks' Review

It looked as though we were going to see what it was like for Castle to move on from Kate Beckett, in this case Niki Heat. The sole purpose of Castle's partnership with Beckett was to earn him the heart of his prized novel, which unfortunately met it's completion and could have easily ended his partnership with Beckett.

I recently tuned into this season of 'Dancing with the Stars' and was shocked to notice Debi Mazar's appearance in 'Castle' the same week she was let off from the dance flick series. She and Castle did share some history since it was mentioned that they had a past fling together and earned a chapter because of it.

Mostly I enjoyed the closeness between Beckett and Castle. I knew the entire 'leaving to score three rounds of British Spy madness' was a hoax, at least I hoped so. They kept beating around the bush the entire episode. I must admit the revelation in the end with the double phone call was cheesy at most. I almost, just almost believe that maybe he and Beckett would just bump into each other at times after that, but to find out he took a bigger and better deal revolving around his Niki Heat character was a bit of a *shake of the head* and a *deep sigh* on the side.

Was it the fact that Castle wasn't going to make anymore books centered around Beckett which kept her on the low, or was it the fact that she wasn't going to be seeing his face and hear his witty remarks? Was she going to miss Castle? Were they actually going to kiss - I doubt this one, but the writers (hmmm why is that funny) seem to be pushing Kate and Castle closer together. Not a surprise. Loving Beckett's 'Nikki Heat' dress, was it meant to lure Castle in, or just another one of their flirtations.

I admire all the episodes this season Castle is growing into this 'Show I must watch every week' don't you just despise those series. One may have better things to do and watch, Castle falls into that category.



Four and a Half Stars

Grade B+

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