Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Office: Season 6 Episode 10 'Murder' Review

A good way to take your mind off of losing your job, is to play a game centered around 'Murder'. At least that was another bright idea placed by Michael to take everyone's mind off of bankruptcy. Dunder Mifflin has faced many dilemmas throughout each Season. In Season One Michael was faced with letting someone go from the office; from then on there was the issue of branches closing, then the merging branches, followed by the scare of other job losses. A friend of mine once suffered through the possibility of their branch closing down and almost went crazy, especially since there was not any kind of game to ease the worry. Which is what makes 'The Office' so far fetched and somehow related to real life.

'Murder' was particularly placed as a front by Michael as a strategy to remove fear and replace it with fun. I am not even sure if Angela got the baby carrots Michael promised if she stayed to play the game. What surprised me was Jim describing his role with Michael as the parents of the office. Jim has had his issues with Michael's approach to running the office, ever since he was just 'the employee'. Now we find Jim being sucked into the very same strategy Michael takes on. Running the office is clearly not as easy as he rationed it would be when he took on the manager role. At least he was able to comfort Pam in a way Michael could not in the past, by being frank with her.

My favorite scenes would be with Andy and Erin. They are the most clumsiest character yet, and they cleverly found a way to twist 'the date' mix up. Although I thought it was strange for Nelly's brother to ask her out, if they did remain in character, but her name was 'Naughty Nelly' after all, so the title could have been misunderstood. I actually admire their relationship, they have this 'will they, won't they' thing going on, and I felt sorry for Andy when it turned out that Erin was interested in a date.

There is always something crazy in the office, be it Dwight or some crazy report from corporate, but Dunder Mifflin always pulls through. Let's hope they pull through for this one. Who would ever think that Pam would be sucked into a fake 'gun draw', it looks like she's forgiven Michael and it bears no hard feelings on Michael part that she slummed him in the face.



Four Stars

Grade B-

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