Tuesday, February 2, 2010

24: Season 8, Episode 6 'Day 8: 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM' Review

Arlo: "If you weren't so jealous you'd hear I was asking you a serious question."
Chloe: "Oh yeah, I'm jealous. Please won't you stare at my ass as I walk away?"
Ah, and he did indeed...

I am happy the writers recruited Mary Lynn Rajskub for another season as Chloe. It always seemed like all the old cast members slowly left the screen leaving Sutherland (Jack) as the longest reigning cast member. Chloe hasn't lost the personality most people admire about her, and that's good. That comment she made had me laughing from the moment she rose off the chair, but what sealed the deal was Arlo actually watching her ass. Sad thing she's married though, otherwise Arlo would be constantly hitting on her as well right? I believe Arlo's friendly side is when he tries to be flirtatious, but I also believe he has a huge crush on Dana and that's the only way he could explore his feelings. It looks as though he is on to something...

On the topic of Dana, what's up with her anyway? Why does she feel the need to succumb to her ex's manipulations? How did he find her again? That question still hangs in the balance and who is his oddly quiet friend? Dana believes that if she helps him satisfy his money-hungry ways, he'll just go away, but what happens when the money runs out? Dana should have him arrested, tell her fiancee the truth about her past and get on with CTU business, but I guess things wouldn't be that easy. Somehow her ex would be connected to the later events in the day, or his friend anyway, that entire story is just not adding up. Dana needs to toughen up, I mean she is a CTU agent, she has a power she could use and her past is not as implicating as she may believe, it is not as though she is a fugitive.

Vladimir get your dirty man-paws off of our Renee *yuck*. This is definitely not the same Renee we left off in Season 7, what happened? How long was she undercover with this scumbag again! A woman needs time to herself while in the shower, you don't just show up, I thought Renee locked that door anyway (hmmm). Jack despised putting Renee in that situation, his facial expression during that 'dirty scene' was evidence of that. He probably wanted to wring Vladimir's neck for what he did to Renee in the past, give him a few broken ribs as well. I wonder how would the confrontation be between Jack and Vladimir? Not pretty since just under an hour, he tried to have him killed and rip him off for a measly Five million. (Ha, I just thought of the glasses Jack wore during that entire operation-hilarious). Was Jack trying to sound American while speaking German, or was that all Kiefer :) and he was very witty with his statements as well, surely shoved it to Vladimir's men.

Hastings was obviously not present this hour (thank you). They focused mainly on Jack and Renee's story along with Dana Walsh and her ex. They were also the main plots of the episode for me, but equally entertaining was watching a father murder his son in cold blood. He actually showed no remorse and condoned it by saying it was because his son betrayed him (well if that took away the guilt). I guess it was better than having his son suffer from poisoning. I actually applaud his brother for trying to save his life. I believe the brother could be the 'hero of the day' kind, the one who Jack or someone else could use to bring down his father. The brutal murder of his brother could be enough incentive for him to turn to the authorities to bring his crazed father on death row, because let's face it, his brother would not be dead at all had his father kept his hands clean and earned a living the decent way.

Compared to all the other seasons, I believe this season started off on a slow rate, steadily developing each character and giving them a decent background - I like it. There has been the action in between and a few blasts here and there, but I admire the curiosities and dilemmas instilled in the plot. It leaves you wondering what's going to happen next and I really have no idea what to expect.



Four and a Half Stars

Grade B-

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