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Smallville: Season 9, Episode 14 'Conspiracy' Review

I did some research on the latest installment of Smallville 'Conspiracy'. It is noted that 'The Conspiracy' was once the alliance of five villains in the 'Marvel Comics' theme. Faora and Zod formed some kind of pact in 'Disciple' and that hasn't been discussed since and yet it seems as though Zod planned the entire thing. He would have surely died before he lived in his human form for much longer. Zod shouldn't get too comfy yet, Clark's weakness is now his and there is only so much he can do so long as Chloe is the holder of the Kryptonite-well now Oliver.

I am surprised I did not begin this review with the Chloe and Oliver revelation. Who knew that for the past possible two episode Chloe and Oliver have been fooling around? Enough to call Oliver's surprise visit a 'booty call'. Honestly I was shocked, I didn't believe that his bow shooting lessons went beyond just that. She surely got hit with Cupid's Arrow. On the serious end, we can't ignore Chloe's new found obsession with Kryptonite. According to Bob Marley "Your best friend could be your worst enemy". Enough said, Chloe has crossed many limits with her definition of 'Doing the right thing' for 'mankind'. What's next? The part I am not happy with is her keeping the Kryptonite a secret, for Clark's own good. What if Tess really found her stash, she would have been putting him in great danger, especially since he's establish that he's not a friend of Tess', yet he is still willing to work for her.

Anyway, Smallville would be taking a very long break, in my opinion - why! I guess we can absorb the moments we had between Lois and Clark. I know last week I mentioned how disappointed I was with Clois moments, this made up for it. Lois realized how distant Clark has been with her, ever since they got together. He is probably the same 'distant' he's always been, it's just that Lois realizes it more as they are together. I am not loving it as much as she is. Every time Clark is in 'Kal-El' mode, he dismisses her abruptly. I am focusing on the intense scene the writers placed for us, right before Faora interrupted for the sake of her sister. Nothing else really mattered to me except that moment, at least it took Clark a good few moments to pull away, that says the connection they have together is strong.

Secrets are the only thing separating them for the moment. It kept the episode interesting when they jumped through hoops to avoid each other at times, but because Lois knows nothing about 'The Blur's' true identity, she is at a disadvantage. Clark was unable to express to her why she shouldn't completely trust Zod or let her discover who Faora really was. I believe their relationship would be taken on a whole new level if the truth were revealed, but it wouldn't change the way they felt for each other. Lois would always be independent and I am curious into 'THE WALL' text Lois kept getting? It has something to do with something.

The villain story line was a bit chaotic, they had to get a good actor to play that part, otherwise it would have easily been eaten up and spit for for sake of rubbish. That actor almost touched the line of 'oh please' moments. The only parts I didn't like was how easily it was for him to be defeated. The entire human experimentation transpired from the Metallo deal. There has actually not been any mention of Metallo since Oliver's suicide attempt and the Toy Man being apprehended into Tess' custody - somewhat. There has also been no mention of what transpired between Tess and Amanda Waller's character. A ploy probably by the writers, but questions would surface during this long break.

Tess for instance was interesting to watch here. I thought she was going for the jealous ex-girlfriend theme when she showed up by Oliver's - who by the way was breathtaking with his shirt off - something for the ladies (good). I didn't believe that Tess actually ever had real feelings for Oliver, probably because we haven't seen much of her soft side. So when she mentioned being able to 'look into his brown eyes and believe anything he said' I didn't believe it. The fact that Tess ever had true feelings for anyone would be a head teaser. Maybe I could buy the jealous ex-girlfriend bit, by her staking out Chloe's apartment and framing her for embezzlement, but the truth was far beyond the craziest on Chloe's part. I give Allison Mack and Justin Hartley credit for that intimate scene. I didn't believe Chloe would embezzle money from him, so the true revelation was intense, especially performing a scene so close to the lips of each other. I wonder how many takes that took?

Tying up some loose ends, the moment Zod died I was waiting for some kind of bizarre scenario to come about. I believed my jaw dropped the moment Clark's blood became the key to his survival. Questions like "Then he could bring anyone back to life using his blood" and "Really?" came to mind. Of course they had to explain it using the " worked because you are a Kandorian" speech. The moment Zod acted as though he was still in pain, I believed something was up! When he stood over the edge of the building, I knew he could fly. The visual effects on that scene needed a bit of work though, the 'green screen' mechanism became apparent, but it was still a shocker to have Zod fly and Clark - not.

I am eagerly anticipating the next episode, really and truly I loved the spin. The only thing I didn't appreciate was Lois being hampered into dangerous scenarios and the villains of the hour meeting their demise so early and horribly. Zod is really hot, Callum Blue could really act don't mind he's the villain. I felt Lois desire to be kissing Clark when she was in that cafe alone, so I would hold that scene and the one in 'The Daily Planet' very tight. Until the next episode.



Four and a half Stars

Grade A-

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