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Castle: Season 3, Episode 2 "He's Dead, She's Dead" Review

Richard Alexander Rogers; that name rolls of the tongue, no wonder Castle felt the need to change it around so confusingly. Richard Castle seemed so much easier, still finding out from a psychic that Alexander would be 'the one' for Beckett was priceless, even if it felt corny. Not to mention Castle's subtle explanation of his name, what could the psychic say about Alexander? Could that have been concern on Castle's end? Only Beckett would have understood the entire puzzle.

Aside from the nonstop batter between Castle and Beckett about psychics, the body revealer in the beginning was a new awkward touch. We all know a dead body is discovered in the first few minutes, and with the opening scene; calling out for the mother only meant that she had seen her last. Still that body wrapped in the sofa seemed so cruel. The mind games the writers threw our way kept us on our toes. I figured it out though, I might not have had all the pieces and it could have spun either way, but the mother and daughter routine; past clients of the psychic seemed so out of the blue. Why only focus on those clients, showing them within the same five minute brief it took to discover the psychic's body.

Writers of the most successful series throw false alarms our way to get the audience off the scent of the culprit. Only the best of the best can cleverly create a scene that surprises us at the final reveal. I give Castle credit for t=doing that most of the time. Separate from the murder case, the constant batter between Castle and Beckett and the morgue visits with Lanie, everything else seemed like a mere episode. Last season we were left off with a cliff hanger; Castle went off with his ex-wife, Beckett dumped Demming and this season we had Esposito and Ryan at odds with Castle. Neither of the former was acknowledged. It almost seemed like all was forgiven with Esposito, who had it out for Castle, it would have been consistent had the intensity still remained and Castle was left to fend for himself. After all, I believe that I am a bit angry with Castle and haven't truly forgiven him for being so clueless when it came to Beckett.

Beckett's only satisfaction right now is knowing she had Castle by her side, so that's understandable. We, however can see how much Beckett loves him, it's unspoken and pure. Besides the obvious, if Castle is in a relationship with his ex, why haven't we seen her or got any further confirmation of their involvement? This episode was pretty subtle and even as I had figured out the guilty culprit, everything else surrounding the case felt meaningless.

The only comic relief that bent in this episode's favor was the relationship between Castle and his mother. Except this time Susan Sullivan (Martha) played the more serious role regarding a proposal she did not anticipate from the guy she was seeing, then to deal with him passing. Her tears were felt and even as she may not have loved him as he loved her, she did not want him dead, nor did she want to break his heart. It was amazing how much I enjoyed that final scene between Castle and his mother more than every situation surrounding that moment.


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Three and a half Stars

Grade C-

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