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Parenthood: Season 2, Episode 2 "No Good Deed"Review

How does a family seem so real on television? We are usually used to simple parental disputes and just that, or even teenage dilemmas for share entertainment. "Parenthood" makes you take the very same situations you have either seen personally or experienced on a deeper level. No other series have been able to pattern situations so successfully, it's almost as though writers decided to place their own lives or of those around them on television, just so it would feel so real, as though you met the Braverman’s living next door.

Each member in this family has their own character that separates them from each other. We find separate characters to relate with, but manage to love each and every one.

The story-lines are a lot to fit so much juice in just one hour. One thing that always amazed me was the opening titles; they reflect the pictures of almost everyone when they were younger, which paints a connection in our minds that the Bravermans were a family even before this show began. Even though we know it's a simple series, we can be tricked in that way to believe exactly what the writers intended.

Adam - The first son

What is it about about being the eldest that gives you the leader role in the family. The mere title causes you to take on the world of responsibility as though you were the soon-to-be father replacement, next in line when the parents took on the natural way of life, and everyday was an audition. Adam's personal family life is complicated, managing a son diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. It's almost as though the family believes that if he could take on such a challenge, he could handle anything in his life. That would be true if he was more but human, but taking on a work life along with his blood family and family through marriage, it can eventually take a toll.

Sarah - Still finding her way

In "I Hear You, I See You", Sarah was still searching for a job; she was not financially stable. Now I believed that Adam took on a lot of responsibility, then to vouch for Sarah at work stretched thin, but she did initially create the idea that Adam gave to his boss; not that he cared where it came from. Now Sarah has taken the internship, which I hope lasts longer than a few episodes. I actually admire Sarah's determination, even though she is labeled as one least likely to end up succeeding her siblings, it doesn't mean that she could surpass our expectations and surprise us. At least I would not be surprised if she came out successful and accomplished even with her children on her side. Speaking of her children, we have hardly seen any of them this season. Last season Amber wen rogue, angering everyone in her path and her son had his personal issues with his dad, but there is hardly mention of them both. Except for Amber occasionally surfacing for air after school hours, hanging out with the grandparents. I am sure there is more to the time the writers deliberately chose to leave out, there is only so much Braverman they could cover in one episode.

Kristina Braverman - The stay at home mom, and then there was Suze Lessing

Being a mother alone is a challenge, but taking it on as a job, others may find ways to take advantage. Here we have a recurring role from last season Suze Lessing dropping off her son for Kristina; who already has her own burdens to take of. Really, what was Suze thinking? The last time we met Suze. her relationship with her husband was in the clouds and they were on a high with their situation. Now, a summer later, her husband is settling for a divorce leaving Suze to take care of their son with Asperger syndrome. It leaves you to believe that your life could really change in the blink of an eye, but what gives Suze the right to impose on Kristina as though she would have it all figured out. I always believed that you don't leave your baggage with others, because they would always have baggage of their own to carry. It was fun however knowing that Max had someone to relate with on the same level, even if Haddie is as understanding as his big sister.

Sarah, Gordon and the Internship

How cool was Sarah in her work clothes huh! Almost business-like, I'm so proud of her.

Sarah: "Anyone ever heard of Nepotism?"

Talk about an icebreaker when Adam broke the news that Sarah was new in front of her fellow interns. It was probably the thoughts that went through their minds. I kept hoping for Sarah to begin springing her ideas on everyone and showing off her inner genius. The Braverman's are a smart group that know how to take on responsibility and I was proud of Sarah. Then the boss walks in after Sarah is thanking Adam for the chance to aim fro her dreams, and Gordon begins staring at more than her glow of success when she exits, his aim more toward the floor. There was an obvious attraction and he would have sooner undressed her with her eyes had Adam not caught on to his boss' lust for Sarah. The pudding in the lunch room was a knack for Gordon to get to know exactly how Sarah thinks and Nepotism would have crossed a new border. Just then I became intrigued by how concerned Adam was for his sister, almost as though he knew the kind of man his boss was, surely a relationship was not what he had in mind and Sarah was purely meat. I applauded Adam for his concern, it made me believe he would lift his arm to punch his boss had things gotten out of control.

Crosby, Jasmine and Jabbar

Oh how I admire this family, everything dating back to how Jasmine found Crosby and formed her family. Now things were at odds and Jasmine's dreams are forcing her to choose between her career and her family. Jabbar is such a loving child, he loved his father the moment he met him and the feeling was mutual, but it is almost disturbing how Crosby is pulled at ends; having Jasmine return home only to leave again, also leaving her son behind. Even though Crosby means well, his grandmother did have a point, where was Jabbar's room. No matter how much it was sugar coated that Jabbar would be safe, there was no guarantee. I also remember one occasion with a can and was it Jabbar's finger. Staying at his grandmother's was a plausible solution, but it still seemed as though the grandmother resented Crosby even before that boat trip and it would make visiting his son even more challenging. I look forward to Crosby finding his own place and getting to see his son anything time he wanted, probably a place where he and Jasmine could be a family.

Julia Braverman-Graham and Joel Graham

Last season Julia was painted as the mom who barely made time for her family life and allowed her job to consume her. Now she is making time to appear in her daughter's life and be there for her husband. Does that mean she would have time to mother another child? Her husband doesn't seem to want to chance the possibility, because he understands the responsibility, from committing to a lifestyle of fatherhood and removing his job skills from the equation. Still, when Sarah gave Joel the beauty of constructing a desk for her, he had a little hope and having a child may soon create a dent in that moment of happiness. We all saw his doubt when Julia seemed at her happiest, while Julia watched her daughter from a distance. Yet I could not believe the stress her daughter caused at such a young age, engaging in disputes that teenagers are often faced with. Maybe Julia thought that next time she could do better. It was worth it having Joel lay out why Sydney could not 'play date' with Amy. Then again, any child that thinks to ask a mom to set up a play date with a fellow peer should consult the fellow peer first.

Zeek and Camille Braverman

Finally the parents, where it all began. It amazes me that this beautiful family came from one origin. Zeek and Camille love each other, but have often been mislead in their time as a married couple. They face dilemmas, but are trying to work things out. Their counseling sessions seems to be holding for now.


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Five Stars

Grade A-

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