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Smallville: Season 10, Episode 5 "Isis" Review

I almost find it unbelievable that there is a series that cause us to fall in love with Superman all over again. We know Clark and the person he is going to become, so why is the journey filled with such mystery? We are always guessing, on our toes, uncertain of the destination and losing ourselves into the way Superman discovers his wings.

Many had their doubts about this episode, given the revelation that Lois was going to be possessed by 'Isis'. Yet I wasn't quick to judge. The writers have given us this drug that doses us on a Smallville high. I keep expectations up and the standard of delivery mirrors my expectations. There was an overwhelming response to last week's episode of "Homecoming". I couldn't believe how much I loved it either, but Erica Durance's performance in "Isis" was solid.

"Isis" had it purpose in Clark's defining moment, even though Clark had initially decided to tell Lois his secret, he still had his doubts. He confided in Oliver to establish that his decision was not purely influenced by his visit to the future. Yet when he told Isis on the roof, it seemed like he wanted to get it off his chest, rather than tell the woman he loved. I was actual happy he had his trial telling Isis first.

It surprised me that Lois got her hands on the amulet when she was in Egypt and had not discovered it since she returned to Metropolis. It was worth it however, watching Lois counsel herself into getting Clark to fess up.

Lois: "Do you remember when the Blur and I kissed?"
Lois (Impression of Clark): "How could I Lois I wasn't there?"
Lois: "...but you were, because I could tell it was you from the kiss!"
Lois (Impression of Clark): "Does it change the way you feel about me?"
Lois: "When I realized that the man I loved and the hero I admired were the same person, it was everything just fit into place... I'm going to start with coffee and donuts"

All Lois needed was some mirror therapy moments. We can all admit we've done it at times; while prepping for that job interview, or proposing to someone you love, steps like that take time and we feel as though we need to prep ourselves before we take a big leap. Lois was taking her leap and both Lois and Clark left their homes with the hope of breaking the exact news to each other. Clark may have done his Lois impression, but I think Lois nailed Clark's own! Did you think so?

Everything about Durance's impression of Lois Lane brings about joy and fun, yet at the same time feisty, and willing to do anything to get the job done. We saw a bit of feisty Lois when faced with Cat. I actually felt a bit annoyed by Cat this round. She was irritable without cause and since Lois returned to reclaim her seat, it was not established where Cat was going to sit, or who her new partner was? I wonder if Tess did the hiring there?

I fell for Lois' outfit that mirrored the essence of the Greek wear and fit well on Isis' character. Isis' story was heartbreaking, I usually find myself tuning out during the long speeches of the 'why exactly I am doing this', but I couldn't help but listen. Lois' voice was changed, I am not certain if that was completely Durance, or the impact of a computer interface, but Durance sold it. Even as Lois spoke to Clark as Isis, he was able to profess his love for Lois again. When Isis was willing to sacrifice two lives to revive her love, something about what Clark's conversation with Isis seemed puzzling.

Isis: "You would no risk the world for her?"
Clark: "Not for such a selfish reason"
Isis: "Then do not pretend what you feel is love!"

We know that Clark loves Lois, but to what extent? It was selfish of Isis to risk tarnishing a world because of her love, but does that mean she was blinded by it? Isis was in agony because she could not be with the man she loved. I was still conflicted about that statement. Clark was willing to do anything for Lois, but Lois would not ask Clark to ruin the lives of millions so that they could be together. It is like Clark and Lois share the beauty of mankind and the value of life in common, but Isis and Osiris couldn't care about the world that surrounded them and were lost because of their love. Clark was right it was selfish of Isis, but that changed nothing for her and she was willing to kill the woman he loved for the sake of revenge, had Clark not acted quickly enough.

Lois said so many things about love in the form of Isis, yet it was uncanny the way she and Isis were opposites. Isis was able to read the value of hearts and it amazed me how well she read Oliver.

Isis: "Your heart is brave, but I can see it belongs to a lonely soul."

That could only reflect his feelings for Chloe. Isis was not alone in depicting Oliver's true feelings. The writers deliberately chose to have Tess during this episode where love was definitely in the air. Tess has little love in her life, and there is no one that would care if anything happened to her. I didn't understand why Tess cried as though she had a broken heart after Clark and Oliver trusted her enough to join the team. I believe it had everything to do with Oliver. Tess admitted to there not being enough love surrounding her, I sympathized with her. Not only has Tess transformed from the villain to helping the heroes, but she also shows a human side to her; warming. Her connection with the cloned Lex was moving. Cat pointed out that Tess was grieving like a mother would for her son, which was exactly how she saw little Lex and for the first time Tess could say she was loved.

Tess also had her fun moments and I laughed with Tess when Cat accused Lois of being 'The Blur', almost convinced because she saw Lois with powers. She had everything about "The Blur's" identity down except for the sex. Cat humiliated herself, why didn't she just publish the evidence then brag about what she did, instead of what she was going to do. Even if Lois was 'The Blur' wouldn't she have done something to prevent her from revealing anything, especially if Lois was as dangerous as she looked? When Clark explained that Lois was possessed by Isis, she didn't even ask who Isis was. Cat is a mystery on her own and it surprises me that she would risk her life going on dangerous missions, all the while being a mother with a child at home. Cat was more than fortunate when she got out of that situation alive.

Cat got thumbs down in my book for stabbing Lois in the hand with a boiled point pen! Why did Clark stop Lois from punching her to the curb; Cat definitely should have seen that coming! As for that Clark and Lois' final scene, Lois was going to reveal the secret to Clark only unless he was ready to let her know the truth and I wanted to jump on top of Welling uh Clark just when he revealed his secret to Lois, definitely not the reaction he was expecting!

Clark: "All my life I've been afraid Lois! Afraid of people knowing the truth about me! Afraid of them rejecting me and even if they didn't, still losing them! I've been afraid of everything I can't control, but when I was faced with the idea of losing you forever it made me realize that there was something I would regret more than anything else, and it's not telling you the truth about me, because that's the only way we could share a life together, and I know the odds are stacked against us and we would be risking everything, but if you're ready to take that leap, there is no one else that I would want to take that leap with. Lois you have had a lot of questions about 'The Blur' it's me! I'm the Blur!"
(Lois leaps into Clark throwing him on the floor)
Lois: "What took you so long!"
Clark: "What... you!"(Lip touch)

"Isis" gave Clark the incentive that nothing was worth holding back. The revelation was beyond my imaginings. The writers found ways to tell this beautiful story and managed to keep us surprised at the notion. I applauded at the end of this one, anticipating the next and the next. I only hoped that the end of a season was met at episode 100, I could surely do with another year of Smallville!

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Five Stars

Grade A-


Kiki Kiari said...

Amazing review. I love your view on everything and I think Erica Durance is a GREAT actress!! :D

Lexa Cliche said...

Thank You! Glad we have another Erica Durance fan.