Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hellcats: Season 1, Episode 4 "Nobody Loves Me But My Mother" Review

What does it say about Dan that he can charm his way into any family, but it looked as though he could not fool Savannah's mother long enough to get away with it. I was proud of Savannah though, when Dan placed the 'We're in an open relationship' label on them, I could tell Savannah was not okay with that. It was almost as if it went against her principles; which are pretty strong. Giving Dan an ultimatum 'All in, or All out' took guts and proved that every experience was a learning challenge for her. I believe experiences outside the world her family mirrors, would seem fresh for Savannah, and would cause her to be a fish out of water, but she handles the pressure and swims toward the water (If you understand the metaphor).

Something about Dan and this shift to a monogamous relationship may prove to be stressful, especially if he thinks of it as just that. They are in the awkward stage of the relationship; silent stares over the dinner table, weird kissing moments and weird conversations. Beneath the surface there is something more worth discovering, they are willing to dig until they find it. On the role of awkward relationships, we have Lewis and Alice still holding on to that flame that Lewis thought he blew out. It was desperate on Alice's part as she was willing to strip tease Lewis inhibitions to get him back. What went on after the cameras went off and Alice was on top of Lewis (We all know they probably yelled cut and switched to the next scene, leaving our imaginations to play with that scene). It makes me wonder how serious was their relationship that made Alice turn psychotic to relight the flame.

Alice surprised me here; I always believed she was snappy towards Marti because she was in her way to succeed as a cheerleader. When Alice brought up the theory about her father's controlling habits, it felt as though she had no choice than to succeed as a cheerleader, otherwise her old man would send her to the wolves. After Alice confessed to Lewis about taking the drugs so they would get back together, as though everything would revert to square one, it seemed so crazy. Pelting an object at him just so he would listen after he officially broke up, it was like Alice 'lost it'. Lewis disappointed me as well, I expected him to refuse Alice's gestures, after just having asked Marti out on a date. Seemed so imprudent when he decided to roll on the floor with Alice after the fact, then to give Marti the run around when she accepted his offer. It was however a good sign on his part telling Marti the truth instead of leading her on, as I imagined he would have done.

Thumbs up to Alyson Michalka (Marti) for that stellar stage performance, well executed. Marti seems so talented all round; a singer, trained gymnast, cheerleader, soon to be lawyer, what's next. Marti has a long way to go when it comes to character development, but its fun watching her grow as an individual. We don't always have it figured out ourselves.


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Four and a half Stars

Grade B+

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