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Life Unexpected: Season 2, Episode 3 "Criminal Incriminated" Review

Well, well, looks as though Lux is caving in from all the pressure of the goody too-shoes Cate. High grades are what's keeping Lux in school and it's just too much for her to bear. Yet, it's understandable. Did Lux have to study in her previous schools? I believe she spent most of her time away from childhood and more in the grown up zone, that she lost the initiative to sit down and study. I believe that Cate should have sat her down and go through her work with her because Lux cannot do it all on her own. Cheating comes off as a means of survival for her.

It was a relief having Jones on board this season, after his break-up with his girlfriend last season and Lux's interaction with meanbies, Jones is a changed man and ready for settling down. At least we knew he was still pinning away after Lux, without her even giving him a decent chance. Still he seems so charming and around her age, so while Lux is really pining for someone that is forbidden, Jones' heart is being torn in the process. I'm beginning to like Jones and dislike Lux a little more. Lux seems to have everything in front of her, yet isn't as happy as she should be. I always wanted her and Jones to have a chance, but I preferred her with Bug then because of their history, now she has every chance to be happy with a guy that has the hots for her, and she is still uncertain.

Lux is attracted to Eric because of his mature stability look. She continues to be attracted to him, because he has the responsible, independent allure that she once used to be. Lux still has a lot going on with her, and when she overheard the cheater league collaborating on ideas to score high in test. When Cate was missing money, I automatically assumed Lux took it, mainly because she did not present a convincing argument when Cate confronted her. Still why would Lux pay a few hundred to score into the cheater's league? Forty bucks would have been enough, so I had my doubts, but Ryan's sister non-denial for taking the funds, was well more convincing - ironically.

Cate and Ryan have been arguing a lot since they got married. It is even presenting some tension for those Cate and Ryan fan. Although I am not a fan of either, it becomes annoying listening to them argue consistently. I had my doubts the moment they said 'I do'. It was almost as if they got married to prevent and ignore the problems they were already having, when in reality they couldn't really run away from problems they already have.

A funny scene for Cate was probably the pot bread that made her high at work. Paige got a gold star for provoking the marital problem Cate and Ryan already had before and after they tied the knot. I admire Paige's commitment to pay Baze back for burning down his bar without argument or bringing legal disputes to the forefront. Baze wants to keep sleeping with Paige from Ryan and Cate for as long as possible. So once it came out, Ryan couldn't help himself, but giving Baze a fist punch couldn't delete what happened between Baze and his sister. It's was funnier that Ryan laughed at the Baze and Paige idea, then to find out that they did do it. His little sister was all grown up, but did he have to kick Paige out, her words towards Cate were piercing. They could have least found her an apartment to stay until.

I guess Ryan wanted to get as far from Baze as possible, his sister sleeping with Baze is too much of a reminder of Cate's previous infidelity. Poor Ryan, if he would stop being in such denial with his marriage maybe things could get straightened out. Cate is afraid of losing Ryan and would do and say anything to keep him around, just so she wouldn't be alone. Ryan on the other hand, has some explaining to do about Julia, the character the writers haven't shed further light on. Maybe Julia would open up some broken wounds that the audience would just eat up.

I enjoyed Baze bonding with his boss and being honest with the client. I hope Baze finds someone that doesn't string him along and keeps him grounded. His boos seems feisty enough - too much for Baze to handle all at once, that should cool him down a bit.

Best Moment of the episode
Kelly gets hit by Cate's ball; looks like no one is truly safe around Cate - emotionally or physically!

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Three Stars

Grade C-

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