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Smallville: Season 10, Episode 3 "Supergirl" Review

Imagine a world filled with an evil that could consume anyone not pure of heart. This mirrors the every day life ideal; going from day to day expecting that the inside good would combat those frequent struggles life throws our way. This reflection of our everyday lives can be made more comical, portrayed through the image of a Superman; a hero that could take all troubles away. This is something that Clark is learning to become every week and we watch him as he tries to flap his wings, but falls in the process. We would be kidding ourselves if by one lesson by Kara, Clark would fly like a bird. That could have been taught years ago and of course be put to ridicule by fans if he did magically sprout wings.

The highlight of the episode for me was the Lois and Clark reunion. While Darkseid possessed a talk show host with credible angst against the vigilantism in the beginning, that black smoke created a tormented doom. There is more to this Darkseid that can even overpower Doomsday's ripple effect of distress. What was even more disturbing; the possibility that he could posses Clark and destroy the person he spent years creating. Kara had his best interest at heart, as well as Lois, who Darkseid could not possess the same way because of her pure heart. This should give Clark more reason to tell Lois his secret, because no matter how much he tries to protect her, she would always find herself in danger.

Time would be better spent if Lois and Clark worked together, as opposed to covering up a secret that is only credible when the people involved do not know. Amusement for the fans was spent hearing Lois question Clark about Kara coming out about her powers, as Clark made mention to infection by meteor rock. The mere fact that there is mention to these vigilantes facing the public light, brings 'Smallville' closer to the superhero image, strived for since Season one. Lois and Clark are growing closer together, Supergirl is being made public (as Lois secretly tries to avoid calling her that), and Green Arrow is also made public, which brings Clark's role as Superman even clearer.

Oliver played a behind the scenes kind of role, and is hardly being given strong scenes since Chloe left. Still his announcement as Green Arrow's true image would have been more convincing had he worn the actual outfit and removed his mask for the press. A possible show for his fans as to how well he can shoot an arrow, following a prepared speech about justice. Oliver is taking a huge risk flashing Green Arrow to the public as though it were his riches exploited by the press. Except people react differently to money being thrown in their faces; an ulterior identity depends on how much the public has grown within a season of exposure to these heroes. Episodes like "Infamous" place Oliver's decision in the shade. On the other hand, the reasoning behind his leap to stardom and the gamble of imprisonment was due to Chloe's sacrifice, either way he would have done something good.

As for Darkseid, it is going to take a lot more than Kara's bracelet for a complete take down. So long as he believes there is an all pass access to Clark, he would do whatever it takes to get closer to him, and not have pedestrian talk get in the way. In the mean while, Clark has to work on suppressing his inner doubts and confusion that keeps him from becoming the person he is meant to become. I believe that the reasoning behind Jor-El's disowning Clark, is to help him become that person. He knows Kara would not be able to do it on his own, and Clark would need some kind of motivation to get him on the right track. Jor-El found some way unknown to us to communicate with Kara, which could also point out how desperate he is to show Clark that no matter how much training he receives, he would have to make the decision that discovers his defining moment.

What was clever on the writers end was Kara in a brunette wig, with glasses; mirroring the exact identity Clark Kent held in the previous Superman installments. There is no doubt that anyone would be able to identify Clark as Superman if he just wore glasses as Clark Kent. Kara present an unusual pun to this game the writers are playing for our pure enjoyment. We all continue watching week after week anyway.

Thumbs up for Kara and her red and blue slimming outfit; incomplete without the S.

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Four and a Half Stars

Grade A-

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