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Private Practice: Season 4, Episode 2 "Short Cuts" Review

What's wrong with this picture; Violet ruining 'Happy Time' with Pete, to answer a phone call from Cooper, really. Cooper seems to not understand the concept of the honeymoon phase; I mean give the newlyweds a break. I may not be a fan of Violet and Pete's new found love for each other, but there are some limits you just don't cross. Charlotte was not particularly 'happy-go-lucky' with the idea of Cooper's relationship with Violet; it's not the first time. She has the right to be upset with the situation, it's like having your husband-to-be nagging about spending more time with his best friend Violet, of course it would hit a nerve! Frankly I'm merely surprised that Cooper did not once say that Charlotte was his best friend or a friend at all. As though Charlotte was the only person he was allowed to have sex with. If he were to uphold this friend theory, then it would not make everyone else's life miserable because he wants to spend time talking to Violet. Hey! He is the only one making the calls in the first place!

(Whew, guys had to be said) Lately, Private Practice has developed the knack of placing odd couples together, that in reality would raise a few eyebrows; Sam and Addison making a fine addition to this 'odd couple' theory. The connection is not there and I actually missed moments when they were just friends. It seemed so real and honest, now Addison and Sam feels constructed because of a script. Then again, I remember a friend whose husband of twenty years were friends first, but with them you always wondered why they weren't dating sooner. Addison and Sam, the question remains 'why did they stop being friends and began sleeping together?'. Mostly shows have the capability to ruin couples when they get together, but what was Shonda Rhimes thinking here? When Addison told Naomi about the relationship, it was a major wreck! How does not talking about your happiness around a friend be left out in every conversation, because that happiness is because of her ex-husband?

The cases surrounding the relationship drama were pretty basic. We had a guest star appearance from a familiar face Justine Bateman, from a past favorite 'Men in Trees'. She was the mother of an autistic child who used marijuana as a medicinal supplement for her child. It actually compelled a feud between Cooper and Pete, because of Pete's marijuana prescription for the mother. It almost seemed like the feud developed out of Cooper subconscious resentment for Pete. Cooper's anger was sincere, but his mockery of the situation came from a different place, more personal. Bateman's acting was impressive and moving as a mother seeking the best interest of her child, but the entire time I kept think of Max's autism from 'Parenthood' and how much I missed 'Men in Trees' and resented Lynn (Justine Bateman) for coming in between Jack and Marin (unrelated I know, but it did bring back some loved memories).

The second case dealt with a gender reassignment patient who Sheldon had to psychologically anaylse before a life altering decision was made. Frankly I believed Sheldon spent too much time on this case. It dealt with the basic anatomy of merging two separate identities into one image, yet it seemed more personal for Sheldon, as though he could have related somehow with an older patient. Sheldon does not want to be responsible if he encouraged someone to make a wrong decision, but it was touching how Charlotte was sympathetic and even made a friend. We were able to get a little more insight into Charlotte's past, dealing with how she got the title 'Bitch'. It was always evident that Charlotte had a heart, merely because she showed emotion in her own way.

Surprise turn for the Practice, revealing new cases to their audience. That was a bold move for Naomi to merge Practices, but why take so long to do a predictable stunt? Almost everyone could not care less about joining, they saw each other practically every day, merging cases and splashing titles along with responsibilities. Now William passed away, it gave Naomi initiative. Now I am beginning to miss Fife and his annoying personality, he added a lot of juice, and his connection with Naomi was the most sincere in a long time. On a side note, what it is with James Morrison's (William White) reputation to leave each series with a death notice. We don't even get to officially mourn his death since Naomi dismissed it as a 'he was sick after all, so we should just accept it'. For the final most awkward moments, how about walking in on a friend while they are having sex in their home, looks like Cooper pulled his last straw.


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Three and a half Stars

Grade B-

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