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Nikita: Season 1 Episode 3 "Kill Jill" Review

Surprisingly this series is growing on me. I found myself tuning into the promos for this episode specifically and anticipate what exactly 'Nikita' would bring to the table. No matter how many cool stunts they bring in the promotions, it does not measure up to the quality each episode displays weekly. The series takes up a life of its own, despite the cheesy opening title that gives us a little insight on why Nikita is taking Division down. There is a particular rush of excitement you would get during each action sequence. The intensity between Michael and Nikita is impeccable; I actually can't wait for moments of them in the same scene together. Even as we are uncertain as to what chemistry they had in the past, Michael's hesitance to do her harm speaks for itself, creating an unspeakable allure.

Nikita: “You have no idea how much pain I can take.”

It's interesting how even through their fight scenes, it seems as though Michael and Nikita knew each other intimately. It's not necessarily a sexual intimacy, but they've probably seen each other on a deeper level and know how they think. Still Nikita was willing to dislocate her arm for the betterment of the mission. No matter how hard Michael tries to get her in a hold, Nikita slips away. I'm not sure if it is intentional on Michael's part, but he seems loyal enough to Percy, but is torn by his love for Nikita.

Jill was the obvious subject in Division's spotlight; "Kill Jill" stemming from the plausible "Kill Bill" premise, almost an ideal pun. Still the reporter gig taken by Julie Gonzalo (Jill) was bound to cause a dent in Division's Bond-like ssshhhecret image. A nosy reporter is almost as dangerous as someone putting a gun to Percy's head. What was with the helicopters and the cover-ups? Divison's dirty tricks come off on a personal level; used to take out Percy's dirty laundry. Nikita is probably not the only threat that Percy has to worry about, especially since she and Jill became buddies in the end. It was poetic justice the way Jill managed to remain alive in the end. If anyone tried to kill Jill after her story went public, it proves its validity, working against Division. It was still sad for Jill's source to get the axe, even after he helped saved Jill's life.

Birkhoff is Division central and fears Percy more than anyone else. Amanda comes of scary as well, but he doesn't seem afraid, but intimidated by her silent death threats. Finding that device Nikita planted in Birkhoff's mouth was clever. Nikita must have had a fall back plan and she didn't just kidnap Birkhoff in the beginning to threaten information out of him, but to plant a bug of some sort. Alex didn't seem to care that her fall guy was discovered; it only meant that she had to be extra careful when she ran her errands for Nikita. It also meant playing close attention to missions that help compromise her friend's location. Alex is probably as good as Nikita, I still wonder how Nikita taught her about Division's tricks, or even how she is allowed so much computer time after hours.

One thing that contrasts "Nikita" from "La Femme Nikita" is the focus on the rookie alone, as opposed to the actual agents. We form bonds with those competing to go on an actual mission. Although Jaden comes off as the villain, she still carries her sensitive roots. I don't understand her weekly angst, but fighting is the only way she learns how to cope. We know nothing about her past and it probably fills in the odd gaps we are uncertain, about her character. Alex carries a sense of tolerable strength that Thom is attracted to and it takes the shine Jaden once believed he had for her.

As mentioned before, this season is looking up and growing with each character change and development. I am certainly anticipating the next installment, who knew it would carry this effect.

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Four and a Half Stars

Grade B+

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