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Private Practice: Season 4, Episode 3 "Playing God" Review

Who got to play God here? Was it Sam with his belief that he could choose who lived or died? Then again, what kind of man admits he is a pedophile to the one doctor that is responsible for his life? Sam was stuck with a dilemma, but was it up to him too decide? He could have easily patched the sucker up and report him to the cops, surely others would have some complaints, but why put children through judicial scrutiny and fear of someone they thought they could trust. The children seemed so disappointed in his death.

Sam came off scary in this episode; his past and present self. He not only intentionally killed someone in his past life, but he considered killing someone again in his present. On top of his pitiable decisions, he yelled at Addison to "Shut up", pushed her away and drew nearer towards Naomi. It also seemed as though Sam resented Addison for telling her what happened a few years ago. Addison is beginning to question the man she is with, as Sam no longer respects her as a friend.

Naomi's letter: "You're selfish Addison, you always have been. The tunnel vision that makes you a great surgeon also makes you a crappy friend. You're a cheater and while Sam and I aren't married anymore you knew what you were doing was wrong and so you lied to me. Everyday that you didn't tell me about the two of you, you lied, because you knew, telling the truth would be hard, and you're a coward. You're my best friend and when I look at you now, I just want to slap you across the face."

That about sums up exactly how Naomi felt after Addison broke the news to her that she and Sam were a couple. We saw about five pages more that Naomi was holding, maybe she had more to say or those were just drafts. She blurted out in so many awful, bitch slapping words and covered it up with "just kidding" fall backs. Do we really blame her for feeling hurt? Has Addison gone too far? Not too long ago Addison was telling Sam how lonely she felt, making odd references to how has it been since she had sex. Those moments were crucial for their friendship and now, Addison managed to alienate her only friend left; Naomi.

Honestly, Naomi lost claim over Sam the moment they got divorced. Had she not known Addison personally, it would just be Sam dating or in this case sleeping with another woman, because he was single. The mere fact that Addison knew how intimate Sam and Naomi were, makes it all the more wrong in Naomi's eyes, so all of her remarks makes sense.

Addison: "Who needs cereal when you could have, chocolate cupcakes?"
Naomi: "You're sleeping with my husband and all I get are chocolate cupcakes?"

Maybe Addison should have gone for an entire chocolate cake just to be sure. Naomi just wanted to see Addison grovel a little more before she revealed she was playing, but we all knew she was serious, and Addison knew it as well.

I am certainly not routing for Addison and Sam, something about their relationship was spoiled by the writers. They lack the intimate chemistry; I am not used to having Sam's arms over Addison's intimate parts and vice versa.
The flashbacks between them would have been justified had Patrick Dempsey (Derek) guest stared in the past; the way Caterina Scorsone (Amelia) made a trip over to see her brother on Grey's Anatomy. Addison looked dorkier and Sam had more facial hair. They all looked hilarious.

Amelia's Grey's Anatomy filler piece
Boy was Derek anal and vindictive toward Amelia, almost as if he resented his own sister for something we aren't really clear about. Amelia's past is somewhat vague, since her character was created in Private Practice, it is almost impossible to pin point her relationship with Derek, since we got to know her through her relationship with Addison. Amelia brought a present for Derek in the form of a patient; how twisted can this family become. Derek was willing to accept the patient out of share obligation, but was consistently mean to Amelia. His reaction to her almost reminded me of the ways he used to look at Addison; with disdain and regret. In the end when they made up, she should have suggested Derek visit the Practice, at least give the audience some hope. The only one that ever came over to the Practice was Bailey oh and Mark, which seems so long ago.

Aside from the Grey's Anatomy piece, which I had to watch after Amelia blurted that she slept with Mark! Imagine me being confused then; either I missed an episode or Amelia took that visit to Seattle like she promised to do week after week since the season began. Grey's did have an interesting episode, but I think I would only join in when the shows cross, things are more interesting that way. As for Mark and Amelia "What were you thinking girl!" - that was what Addison should have said, instead of dusting it under the carpet for pure amusement.

We also had many more interesting plot lines aside from the Addison-Sam-Naomi triangle which took over. Pete and his old friend came out of nowhere, but I would have appreciated it had Pete decided to make his own clinic in the measures of the law that made him comfortable. I understood his connection with Violet, which the writers are trying to encourage the idea of this newlywed marriage. I am still shocked that Violet and Pete were a couple. Had they held out for Pete's old friend, maybe Violet would have wanted to change him for the better and she might have ended up being in a relationship outside the Practice. Each doctor is in a relationship with each other, with the exception of Sheldon and Naomi. Everything is just too messy around the Practice as Cooper and Charlotte are in this "let's find a new home, but I love you enough to stay here" zone.

Shonda Rhimes needs a little bit more edge for each plot, before everything else crumbles. I hope to have more of Maya and Dink, with their child and less scenes being opened with everyone having sex; too cliche now. I am actually beginning to miss the old days where everyone was still getting to know each other. I can now say I actually missed Dell's presence. Even though he was hardly given real scenes, the man that took his life brought back memories of that finale episode. It was devastating that Dell had to leave that way. What about this guy that decides his life is worthless because Sam would not forgive him? Those scenes seemed less moving, as I couldn't really care for them. It didn't make much sense why this guy was ready to kill himself and when Sam gave him the go ahead not too, it was implied that he was willing to live another day. A bit far-fetched and could have been made more moving.

At least now we have some reasoning behind Sam and Naomi's break-up, too bad it was too late and now he's in another woman's arms.

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Four Stars

Grade B-

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