Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Mentalist: Season 3, Episode 2 "Cackle-Bladder Blood" Review

Finally! Some more back story into Jane's past, it even surprises me that his past surpassed the person he is now. Jane has always been an intriguing character, the way he manipulates his skills to depict the value of the world in front of him. This time however Jane is different, a little more detached than usual. The scene opened late at night with Jane playing with a mechanical airplane at the station. It's almost as if he has moved his life completely their and falls prey to his childish whims, to override the pain he endures regularly. We not only learn more about the person Jane's wife used to be, but the family that came along with her past. Without question Jane devoted his loyalty to her brother Danny, as though he were honoring a promise from beyond the grave, regardless of his guilt.

Jane's motives are warped at times, but eventually become sincere and understandable. They also come with a price and most may get hurt because of his reckless scandals. We often forget the grief surrounding other when the camera focuses on Jane's life, but Danny added an additional grief for viewers and may have even allowed us to form deeper connections to Jane's past. Old acquaintances like Pete (Who would have easily break Jane's neck if he didn't reveal his connection) and Samantha (The cop hater), created a sense of depth I appreciated. Danny and his knack for sneaky carnival tricks certainly cost him jail time, but it also showed the dent in his life after his sister left. The final scene between them at the cemetery deepened Jane's love for his family, brutally taken away from him.

At certain moments, memories of Jane's first date with Kristina, he grieved the moment he realized he was having feeling for another woman other than his wife. Jane blames himself regularly for her death and he uses that as leverage to prevent him from being happy. This entire episode was Jane focused for me and I enjoyed it. The murder was not as explicit and the culprit was caught, giving Danny a second chance to maybe even improve his life. Lisbon did Jane a favor by letting Danny leave before the cops arrived, almost as if she felt she owed it to Jane to give him a chance of redemption. Lisbon is probably the closest person that Jane has in his life and he is even keeping her at arm's length.

I equally enjoyed Van Pelt's scenes, helping to con a con artist and she believed the old lady, makes you think about the elderly person you helped across the street the other day then asked for 40 bucks to get home.


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Four Stars

Grade B+

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