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Nikita: Season 1, Episode 2 "2.0" Review

Why Alex? and What's in it for her if she helped Nikita take down 'Division'? Were some of the questions I asked myself, the curiosity would determine this series' success. I must admit to how surprised I was that I loved this episode. Everything flowed in such a way that made each character sync. I believed the angst between Alex and Jaden, almost as though Jaden would have cut Alex's throat if she got the chance. All because Thom took a sudden interest in Alex, even more when she got activated early for a mission.

I enjoy the twists and the cause to keep you guessing, as to what would happen next, which is exactly what each "Nikita" series have in common. The flashbacks encouraged us to form a relationship with Alex and her past and somehow compare her with Nikita. It appeared as though Nikita tortured Alex for a while, resorting to detoxification extremes; locking her up. The imagery between past and present were moving. Alex's life was appalling and leaves you wondering how worse off she was before Nikita entered her life. She seems almost loyal to Nikita now, as though they were sisters or formed some deeper bond. Nikita wants to take down Division, but she doesn't want to risk Alex's life, but as Alex is her only inside contact, she would go through lengths to secure her identity.

I was also surprised ho early Alex was activated, it made me ponder on Amanda's intentions. I believe if Amanda is as good as she emits, she should pick up on a quality within Alex that may not complete the puzzle. Amanda reminds me so much of Madeline form "La Femme Nikita" and even as each character carry different personalities, the shine in their own ways and differ all the same.

Birkhoff: "Okay kitties! 30 seconds left come on, penetrate the system! Penetrate!"

Go Birkhoff! He seems feistier and bolder than ever. Pretty clever in deed, he sees himself as a vital entity to Division and sees the trainees as lab rats. Birkhoff may even be as cold as Percy and Amanda. Michael seems to be the only one that chooses to show any emotion ordinary to humanity, which surprises me most. Shane West as Michael rose some eyebrows before, but his bad boy, deep voice act is pretty sexy. He carries the relevant bad-ass moves that makes him eligible for the role and whenever he is around Nikita, even as his inhibitions are lowered, his hardcore appeal remains firm.

I also appreciate Nikita's bad-ass moments, which makes you realize that she means business and is capable of remaining one step ahead.

Trevor: "Supply and demand Nikita, ever since you went rogue, your friends are in short supply and there is great demand for your corpse"
Nikita: "I know. New deal Trev, I keep the gun you keep breathing, and you never tell anyone I was here"
Trevor: "You-you're not going to kill me?"
Nikita: "Don't flatter yourself. I've got a bigger target in mind"

Nikita has had blood on her hands many times, and she is not afraid to kill anyone that stands in her way, but she would only kill unless she has too. She is not cold blooded, and the death of her fiancee was not the only reason she decided to take down Division, as we might learn throughout the season.

Amanda: "We're only told what we need to know, it's safer that way"
Alex: "So you don't even know?"
Amanda: "You shouldn't be nervous Alex"
Alex: "Yeah! what should I be?"
Amanda: "Grateful. To be activated this early is a gift, and it's very rude to question a gift"

Nikita learned herself while recovering in Division. She believed everything they told her; about the greater good, but she also learned to think on her own. Even as Nikita threatens field operations, Percy remains calm - somewhat. The scene between Amanda and Alex showed the little concern she truly had for others, her face almost shows no emotion. Nikita mirrors Amanda's techniques, with her own style, but there is something unknown to us, which ads thrill to the plot. Alex does clean up nicely and I was happy to have Michael go to her defense, just as much as Nikita went to Micheal's. Why does Michael refuse to pull the trigger when Nikita's the target, is something I am still trying to understand. Did Nikita having a fiancee cause problems, because I sense more than a trainer-trainee relationship between them, almost as though they loved each other.

As for Jaden, if she really likes Thom, then she should admit it to him. Forget the cat-fights, they are really worthless in the end and prove nothing.

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Four Stars

Grade B+

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