Sunday, October 31, 2010

Notice: Regular Reviews are way Overdue!

Hey guys, it seems I have taken up reviewing more than my fair share to handle at the moment. I simply love so many series that I want to give my opinion on, but if I keep up at this rate I would not be able to post to you guys on a regular weekly basis. I can either divide my review shows with other parties or cut back on some reviews like "Life Unexpected", "Parenthood", to name a few.

I am already behind on "Private Practice" and given this recent episode I have already drafted some solid reviews. My boss has already given me a hectic workload and I am struggling to finish reviews for posting. I thank all who are patient and I would like to apologize now, among my many other apologies on Twitter.

"The Mentalist", "Castle" among other reviews that are way overdue would be completed, but it should take another two weeks. I thank you all for your patience. Upon posting I would make reviewing our latest favorites regularly.


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