Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hellcats: Season 1, Episode 3 "Beale St. After Dark" Review

Here we go! Savannah's first date with Dan. At first I kept thinking, how would her parents actually react to discovering that their daughter going out on a date, maybe they believed that she has been on several before. Even if that were true, didn't they trust their daughter enough to understand that she would trust in her beliefs even while she was away from home. There is still no real word on her sister's condition and presuming that Savannah has not actually 'lost it', it only means that her sister is probably getting better. It's sweet how loving Savannah could be, and even if she came off forward in the "Pilot" she didn't manage to throw mean eyes Marti's way, and Alice as the 'mean-bie' was the obvious solution. Alice is the only one who has a lot to lose and not because of Marti, but by her own wrist. A wrist injury seems almost pathetic, so innocent yet causing the biggest dent in Alice's life.

At least Alice did more harm to herself than to Marti or anyone else. She relies firmly on what other think of her and in order to win her strips back, she willing to cheat her recovery and gain another addiction aside form being a 'bi***' (word for being a really, really mean person *wink*). Aside from her hard exterior, she has some soft tissue inside, but her way of dealing with problems are creating new ones. Even as much as I believe Lewis broke up Alice and Jake's reunion for her protection after his suspicion of her accepting drugs, I believe he was jealous.

The entire situation, however, revolved around Savannah's date and I believe even as Marti was happy for Savannah, she was also concerned. The reason why she and Dan aren't a couple, because they are such good friends and she understands Dan's principles on relationships. Marti is a bit old fashioned herself and she believes in loving that one partner. There is as more to Marti, just like there is more to Dan. A date for Dan and Savannah does show hope that he may consider settling down himself. Was Marti lying when she called him a 'player', I believed she had most of her cards right.

Boy does Marti have moves and if that was all "Alyson Michalka" then she is not only a talented singer, but a talented dance in real. That entire dance scene was dazzling. Reminded me mostly of "Step-Up" moments. Not to mention Savannah's drunk episodes.

There is promising hope for this series. Although the adult, "he was my ex, we had and affair, but I love you now moments" didn't interest me, I had a fun time watching Marti's lawyer side, that's the only reason she is a cheerleader to begin with and we see little of that side to her. Her professor pulled through for her, but did i sense a love connection between her and her classmate?

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Four and a Half Stars

Grade B+


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