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Smallville: Season 10, Episode 2 "Shield" Review

One step closer to the flight of Superman, but not just yet, Clark still has a few mountains of his own to climb. "Shield" surprisingly shined, as I can say how much I enjoyed the broken boundaries and shattered dreams hoping to subside. Meaning of love and devotion was splashed beyond borders, we all shared how much Lois and Clark loved each other, and within a short space of time, how deeply Oliver and Chloe did the same. Both stories are twisted to form many meanings and I enjoyed both plot-lines.

My focus was still on Clark and his new partner at the daily planet. Lois leaving seemed to have Clark saddened, even if often times he tried to hide it, his emotions are evident. The boy in Clark Kent has transformed into the man, through the way he handles his emotions and refrains from looking at the downside. Clark has been through a lot of anguish, his belief that the further Lois is away from him, the less pain he would have to suffer if anything were to happen to her. Lois is a big girl, she would die to protect Clark and the identity he keeps hidden from her, even with him not knowing.

I still don't understand this need to keep secrets. Inside, Lois had her suspicions, but she was not naive and she connected the pieces on her own. Her discovering Clark's secret was mere confirmation and the secret only holds for new comers that know nothing of him. Particularly Cat Grant, whose naivety when Clark saves her life, twice, surprises me. At first I initially believed that the villains were after Cat for some reason unknown to us, but it turned out quite the obvious and that Clark was the main target. Most people found Cat irritating and simply wanted her off screen, but even as she badgered the vigilante heroes that lurked in the dark, she merely recommended them surfacing and showing their faces. Figures as much, we often believe what we can see, anything else is subject to misconception. The hero acts from the vigilantes could be proof of mere reckless chances for heroism, but doesn't the hidden part take away from claiming a trophy and removing the "Who can catch the most villains" competition.

Something about Cat was amusing; she was a climber and wanted to be well known, but her rough past kept her in the dark and on the run. She can relate with the same vigilantes that she claimed to run around in the dark. Maybe that was why she despised their being, but her bashing of Lois was easily swept under the rug, and I warmed up to her when Clark held that picture of her son. One question though, how did she measure the accident with her car explosion, in her head. Wasn't she the least bit confused, or simply suffered from selective memory. Who knows, it is still a series with a lot of mysteries.

I enjoyed watching Lois and Carter Hall moments. The moment he discovered that Lois knew of Clark's abilities, he did not deny them. He even encouraged Lois to be with the man she loved. It amazed me more to know that Clark preferably sent Carter out to keep an eye on Lois. (Do they have a black book with each superhero list of names?) It showed me that Clark wasn't too worried once her knew Lois was safe. Carter's story about his wife was beautiful, once he told their love story, almost breathtaking his delivery of that scene. I believed that their loved crossed even the journey toward death and the newness of life. When he leaned in to kiss Lois, I wondered why Lois allowed him to get that close before she slapped him. Maybe he looked as though he was playing the part during his beautiful story telling. Lois and Clark may even share that same bond. We haven't had much of Lois and Clark scenes this season, but it may work out for the best when they eventually reunite.

As for the action scenes, I enjoyed the way Clark stopped the bullet for Cat and had it land on her bullet proof vest. Did Cat argue in her mind "Wait how did Clark reach here so quickly" before the "Next time you should wear a bullet proof vest, mine saved my life". Cat's character was priceless, and it made me believe even the unexplained she gobbled up. The Suicide Squad presented an interesting villain-hero scenario; heroes for wanting to save the world and villains for tagging the heroes that would eventually save the world. Deadshot was a new villain, but why waste time tagging bullets with the victims name on them? We also had a reintroduction of an old appearance, Plastique. I can't recall the events surrounding her last visit, but she seemed more in control. It seems as though there are some organizations that view the vigilantes as a treat, but what is more disturbing is how easily they could track each down. Tagging them with a symbol that only means trouble would make their job easier.

What do you guys think of Clark's new suit, it's not the Red-Blue-Blur or the Black and Blue mishap. Even Clark's suits define his character changes. His black suit presented him at a dark peek in his life and now he has added a little color that brings him closer to the suit Jor-El has locked up, couldn't Clark ask Martha to sew him another one?


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Four Stars

Grade B+

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