Thursday, February 11, 2010

Burn Notice: Season 3, Episode 12 'Noble Causes' Review

Lately Fiona has been constantly letting Michael in on how she truly felt about his escapades. It is almost a if she has truly fallen in love with him and has accepted that she would not be able to change his mind. Fiona knows all she could do is talk about it and let it out there, so Michael could rationalize how he feels about what he is doing, because at the end of it all, is it worth it. Michael has a good thing going with his clientele, a girlfriend, his mother a friend that would do anything for his buddy. What more does Michael really want? He admitted to himself and succumbed to his feelings for Fiona, and what she has been pulling his chain to realize; is that they could actually start a family together.

I understand Michael's passion there is more to his story that isn't fully being revealed. Even Sam may have his queries about Michael's obsession and I'm not even liking his new partner, who seems to be as crazy as he sounds. Did he actually kill Micheal's partner after sabotaging the operation himself. That guy climbs a new level of strange and I want him to probably leave just as fast as Carla did before. Why doesn't Michael get plastic surgery done and travel to the source himself? He could do it! Get the burn notice effects off of his back.

I didn''t pay much attention to the new client this episode. I have grown accustomed to every episode having a new client, but it was fun having an old face. It is amazing how Fiona can attach herself to people, because Michael would not take on the project had Fiona not persuaded him. Michael himself is a good guy at heart, he still runs over to his moms whenever she calls, so that counts for something. I fear that Michael is exposing his family and those he cares for. Last episode this guy was able to find Sam at his mother's and that still hasn't been addressed. Sending his mother away whenever there is danger should not always be an option.

Another thing that was unresolved was the reunion Michael and Fiona shared last episode. Things were more apparent between them; like Fiona on his bed reading a magazine was treated as something casual for Michael, especially since there was a time he saw that as an invasion of privacy. I actually have grown a close attachment to this pair and strangely Michael's mother who once annoyed be, but now not so much.



Four Stars

Grade B+

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