Monday, February 8, 2010

The Mentalist: Season 2 Episode 13 'Redline' Review

It's actually depressing the way Rigsby and Van Pelt possibly went separate ways. I believe Rigsby should have been more sensitive to Van Pelt's feelings, she is obviously trying to make the most of her career. He had his mind made up for her, which probably explained their tension in the end when Lisbon gave them the go to have their relationship.

The case surrounding the plot was a new adventure, and up in the avenue of 'white collar crime'; killing for the position of top salesman. It still bothers me that every guilty party comes clean in the end, admitting their guilt. I mean when in the hot chair, would the confessional be blurted out so easily. The audience needs to find out 'why', but it almost seems so easily accomplished. Still poisoning someone's beef barley soup would always be uncool no matter what motive was behind it. I mean, who eats beef barley soup - how does that taste anyway?

I actually knew the soup had a part to play in the whole suspense of it all. That guy was too over protective of his bowl of soup, there had to be something more to that story. Jane knew all the facts as usual placing them together. I always imagined the possibility of someone like Jane guest-starring to play mind games with him, probably just as well as he does it with everyone else. What if Jane finally met his match? That kind of intellect could possibly blow out of proportion.

Did Jane really have to intentionally ruin the car, couldn't he fake it? I guess when you have the money to back it up, a car comes off as spare change in a wallet, but that scene was painful to watch. That driving with a blindfold on was very cool though. I wonder how Simon Baker prepped for that; amazing visual effects and the wonder of a camera, either that or that Baker got some skills.

Another end to a beautiful episode. I'm sorry this review took a little while to post, I actually started it early this week, but scheduling has been tight lately. I still have to start 24, but recently I have found a good blast of series on television, a lot more interesting stuff to get hooked on.



Four and a half Stars

Grade A-


TONO & Sunshine said...

I also watched The Mentalist show entitled, "Redline." Like you, I was disappointed how the Rigsby and Van Pelt storyline was handled. I thought that it could have been handled differently. But maybe the show has another direction of the two characters.

I am disappointed that you haven't written your review of "24." The Mentalist and "24" seems to be the only shows that I watch that you review.


Lexa Cliche said...

This week has been so crazy, but it was actually on my list today, I guarantee it would be posted by the end of the day.

Thank You,