Saturday, February 13, 2010

Private Practice: Season 3 Episode 14 'Love Bites' Review

I really have no idea what's up with Sam, was he upset with Addison because she wouldn't have sex with him? Or is it the fact that she would prefer not to date her best friend's ex. I give Addison credit for not giving in to temptation, it takes a lot more to resist than it does to give in. Sam should applaud Addison for her strength as a friend and should not try to push her back into her world of misery by making her feel bad for doing the right thing. Friends tend to show their true colors when times get tough, and I am not liking Sam one bit.

As we are on the Addison topic, did she and Pete finally hook up, after three seasons? I saw it coming the moment they were alone together after a day of misery. I just don't understand why? Why put them together after so long, why ruin the friendship between them? The only guy 'friend' Addison has left well, I would say Cooper, but the last scene they had together, Cooper wanted to rip Addison's head off. So Addison really has no one. Not even in Grey's Anatomy, everyone else she has either slept with or had some kind of intimate connection to. Well, there is Sheldon, but does convenient psychiatrist really count?

Here we had yet another 'not so much on the jolly side' episode on Private Practice. This week's case dealt with a pregnant woman who tried to kill herself because her husband walked out on her. I mean, nothing gets more depressing than a psychological twist of an episode. How many can relate to their husbands just picking up and leaving without a clue why he left. The worst thing is that he decided to leave even while she was pregnant. I actually didn't like the husband here and found his reason for leaving his wife to be very ridiculous. Although we weren't given all the facts, or even the wife's perspective on things, the fact is he got his wife pregnant at some point, so he was obligated to see the pregnancy through, for the sake of his child. Still that's just my partial view on that situation. I mean not even his wife's attempted suicide and the murder of his child got to him.

On the odd side of things, who knew William White would have a thing for Naomi, let alone Gabriel Fife, giving them the jealous steers. Actually, it was somewhat implied the way White recruited her. She was far more the best at her job, but how did Fife develop the thing for Naomi? I actually would have preferred it had Naomi kissed Fife instead of White. No offense to James Morrison (whom I have admired from 24), but that elevator kiss really didn't work for me. They just don't match each other well, the huge age difference could give a whiff to that, but they lack any decent chemistry for me to pat googly eyes their way. I actually loved having a scene between Naomi and Fife; they have more on screen chemistry together.

I believed the writers used Maya's back-story as a sympathy means for Naomi and White to get together, but it felt as though White used her situation to his advantage. I am certain he would try to shower Naomi with presents and it would be shoved in Fife's face that they are an item. Somehow Fife would have the dream-like kiss I imagine with Naomi causing White to remove him from the practice... I guess I usually drift off into these scenarios, but doesn't it sound like factual outcome? I don't know, but it would be fun to watch for a change from the gloomy atmosphere circulating the office. Maya's wedding would also be an interesting appeal to the show - her and her pink themes.

Dell was the odd one out here, as usual. I believe the writers attempted to give Dell his own storyline, but it only caused him to be the loneliest character on screen without any true attachment to anyone else. Remember the times they tried to pair him with Naomi? I wonder why that didn't work out? I believe they should work on Dell's character a bit more. Every-time Dell is screened I always wonder how the would place him in the plot and that shouldn't be. Somehow they always seem to place him with Violet and I admired the ring gesture for him to move on, but I believe that gesture was more for Violet than Dell.

It was nice to have Pete be nice to Violet, no matter how much it burdened him to do it. He has to accept the fact that Violet has to work through something, although I have no idea how long that would take, seeing that her son isn't waiting around in baby mode. Would Violet still ignore being a mother when her son is walking and ready to go to school? Maybe things would change for her, the writers are hinting it in every episode that Violet needs to move on, the real question is when.

So we are past the Cooper and Charlotte situation, did Violet say they still loved each other? I don't believe it, now things have probably settled between them, but the problem isn't resolved. I just didn't like how miserable they were together. I can't believe Charlotte actually went to to function, I am sure that had something to do with Cooper. Charlotte should get a man in her life and move on just as easily as Cooper could, let's see how he reacts to that.

Ah, yet another end to an amazing episode, well there was good acting and plot developments and conflict. I want the issue between Sam and Addison resolved. I don't know if it was just me but, in that last scene between a naked Addison and Pete, I kind of expected Sam to walk in on them then to have the show close with the jaw dropper. "So you could sleep with him!" and have Addison reply "He's not my best friend's ex, my best friend, but not my best friend's ex". Love really bites.



Four and a half Stars

Grade B-

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