Sunday, February 21, 2010

Human Target: Season 1, Epsiode 6 'Lockdown' Review

If this series continues with this pace, maybe the momentum would build up and grab itself up a lock-down of fans. I only wanted Human Target to set itself apart from our everyday 'James Bond', Spy drama character, because there are many on television.

Maybe the charms of Mark Valley could capture a few, although I would admit he wasn't my favorite character from 'Boston Legal' and his noodle stained off the book character he placed in 'Run' didn't really do the trick.

I would reveal on the plot end that it was cleverly detailed. It was complimentary having a past 'Alias' character 'Kevin Weisman' play something not too far from the geek role he attracts himself to. He probably carries that scripted look directors go for.

My interest was in the suspense of the 'Boss' that is supposedly chasing after Chance. Running a facial recognition could wave a few flags and that was one way to draw suspense within a plot. Also that fight scene in the elevator was beyond imaginable, sort of like an adrenaline rush, so I wasn't really bored. I had a lot of fun with this one.

Sidereel's Kendra and Rachel, mentioned that they "kind of already gave up" on it. I actually felt the same way for the first three episodes and it developed an unrealistic trend that I didn't like. Now things, I can actually say, are brightening up, there isn't much word on this one, but if it continues with this pace, I might keep my interest.

I am actually into series that bring an element of drama and suspicion on the table. It must allude something that keeps you thinking and bares that originality you can appreciate. I did appreciate the 'Aunt Linda' and 'Uncle Dan' references, i'm not sure if it refers to something real in 'spy language', so that was a genuine brain teaser , but Human Target is still touching on 'already been done' grounds, so let's find out how the next episode turns out.



Four Stars

Grade B+

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