Sunday, February 7, 2010

Smallville: Season 9, Episode 11 'Absolute Justice' Review

What happens when the 'Justice Crew' gets plucked out one by one, as though they were being hunted like animals? Well it only calls for the collaboration of team work put on by Green Arrow, Hawk Man, Stargirl, Dr. Fate, Clark and we can't forget Chloe.

Why does crisis always lurk in the lives of superheroes? The reasons some villains have for seeking revenge can be considered as outlandish, and it was even more distasteful how easy it was to capture Icicle in the end, no matter how cool that scene was when everyone finally came together.

So basically I am an Erica Durance fan, more for the role she creates as Lois and half an hour into this episode I was like "when are they going to show her, I need some comedy now!". Durance did not disappoint when she finally came on screen, I actually believed it was Clark she rambled into, so I was like "turn around and give your woman a kiss or those cool stares you usually engage yourself into" ah, but it wasn't Clark. One question though, why the glasses? I mean Tom Welling was a few grades above the look-a-like when it came to looks, but that was just corny.

We actually had a combustion of irregular characters along with some new faces. I was afraid this entire 'Justice' episode would come off cheesy, but I found it oddly amusing. Everything flowed, even the weird Tess scenes being curious, was smoothly dealt with. It was refreshing watching Tess lurk around in the dark like the real villain to be concerned with. I believe Clark needs to show some sort of concern with Tess' knowledge of his secret. Does he believe he intimidates Tess so much that she wouldn't even be tempted to mention it to Lois? I just believe that Clark has a lot of loose ends right now, he needs to be so careful with who he trusts, maybe he is keeping a closer eye on Tess, but knowing her she would always be up to no good.

That Amanda Waller is a bit of a concern for me. What business did she have with Tess in the end and how did they know each other? Why would she hire Icicle then murder him relentlessly, with no conscience? Why would she confide in Lois and how does she know so much? There are just so many questions circulating her character and I don't like it. In the end Icicle turned out to be just another villain with a grudge, I mean that scene with Chloe in the dumpster :) was stunning, but that was about it I probably found impressive.

Chloe herself is a topic on its own. She acts like the tech behind everything, but when Hawk man swerved through watchtower breaking all the glass, Chloe could have serious gotten hurt there. She needs to have more protective gear with her, there is only so much she could do in her human form. No one really worries about Chloe putting out more than she can carry, burdening her life into 'protecting the world'. Stargirl was right about watchtower, where is the furniture? It doesn't even look like a home and does Chloe even have a social life? It's been a while since Jimmy's death and I believe she has stuck everything into her job to forget about her losses in life, it's almost depressing.

Anyway, I felt that in an attempt to tell the justice story, they omitted more Clois moments which I always look forward to. Still this was an adequate episode for me and I admired Lois' "Lois and Clark and not Clark and Lois" in retaliation to Clark, and that embraces the wit I adore in her...(and she's right Clark get your facts straight). I loved how she was able to trust Clark with her story, expressing her willingness to include him in the byline. As each episodes grows, so does their relationship. There wasn't even time to resolve Oliver's 'thing' for Lois, which I hope is done soon.

Don't you guys really notice Clark's maturity; his decisions, the way he talks and moves it's so (what's the word) manly you know. Tom Welling has taken Clark Kent 'the farm boy' and turned him into the superhero he needs to be. Clark just needs some help when it comes to trusting people, especially people like Zod. I really hope he has a plan set for when Zod goes berserk. Oh and what emails between Oliver and Black Canary should Chloe not have seen?



Four and a Half Stars

Grade A-

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