Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Life Unexpected: Season 1, Episode 6 'Truth Unrevealed' Review

It's unfair that Lux loses someone she truly loves due to something innocent, and Cate gets to keep the guy even after the not so innocent act. Why does Cate get to live out her happily ever after, while Lux suffers from taking the advice Cate should have taken herself; telling the truth? It is almost as though she is playing things safe; Ryan is the 'guaranteed guy'. He's open, honest, patient, kind, does the right thing even if it breaks his heart; the formula for love of a decent guy wrapped into a package. Bazile is unexpected, spontaneous, with a hint of danger in the middle and in the process of trying to do the right thing, some people could get hurt. So there is no doubt why Cate freaked out and lied about how far she took it with Bazile. Ryan looked as though he would have blown a fuse and slammed the door in Cate's face had she been honest with him.

All that doesn't change the fact that Cate lied as a means to play it safe, and avoid her problems. She presented a plausible suggestion for Lux's situation, which was the exact situation she was in, and Lux was the only one brave enough to listen, despite the consequences. Cate didn't only downsize what happened between her and Bazile, she practically placed the blame on him all together. It was disappointing having her repeat the lie to herself. What would have happened had she told the truth; Ryan would have probably left, called her names and there would be serious conflict on the station had he chosen to stay, but she didn't even give him that choice. This would only make things more difficult for Cate if the truth were to come out; she not only slept with Bazile at a weak point in her relationship, but she also lied convincingly when put in the spotlight. How could Cate handle making the tough decisions in her life, if she couldn't even confess to something she did wrong as a human error somewhat.

I believe that her and Lux would fall short there; where Lux suffers heartbreak and Cate gets promoted to manager in relationships. I found it surprising they chose to discuss Cate's affair in Lux room, as through they didn't consider Ryan's possible intrusion discovering the truth the hard way. I actually believed that Ryan would have been revealed hearing everything Cate mentioned to Lux, but the title was called 'Truth Unrevealed'. I guess they threw the Lux triangle in to throw us off the scent.

I would definitely miss Lux being driven to school by motorcycle and having Bug kiss her on her way off the class. He's not even too bad either given his history, that was the one thing they shared together; a rough past and struggling to survive. It would be a shame to have him pick up and leave, for Lux to fall for the typical high-school boy. Bug did love Lux, the thought of him turning out to be just like his father made him wake up and realize that he'd rather kill himself before he allowed himself to treat Lux no better than his father treated him and his mother. Lux has been through a great deal for fifteen, she is even more responsible than Cate at the moment. For as long as we have known Lux, she has taken the responsibility of her father's finances, keeping her 'foster' family together and she compromised her own capabilities, to prevent Bug from facing jail time. Lux wears her heart on her sleeve and it shines through every decision she makes. That kiss between her and Chris meant nothing to her, the background and insight she gave of Bug only relayed her commitment to him. I thought it was a bit forward of Chris to mention to Lux that Bug had her in his life and then plant one on her, as though he was willing to take that away from him as well. The necklace doesn't make up for that slip.

In fact, the roles of responsibility here are swapped as all the adults seem to have an apparent lack of it. While Cate may be constantly picking fights with Bazile and committing herself into a relationship that's based on a lie, Bazile is set on hooking up with someone and carry on meaningless sex and Ryan is proposing marriage to Cate without accepting the responsibility of becoming a step-father. When was the last time we saw Ryan and Lux have a bonding session, he more or so sees Lux as a burden on his relationship than his responsibility. If he is so set on alienating Bazile from his romantic relationship with Cate, he also has to accept that he could be doing the same to Lux. Instead of focusing on getting rid of Bazile, Ryan should try to find a way to make things work with Cate and accept Bazile's father role as part of a family - somewhat. This is why I cannot fully embrace Cate's relationship with him.

I admire the issues brought on by this series and carrying on a radio station scene reminds me of 'Men in Trees' between Patrick and Marin. The funniest moments were with Bazile and Cate's confrontation on the job. Why does Cate get so riled around him? Cate was wrong though, being with Bazile isn't like some sick twisted relationship, it's because she shares a child with him and could act herself around him, that causes her to fall in his arms so many times and confide in him. Ryan is so expecting and carries a certain image of perfection, but Bazile isn't perfect and Cate sees it. I'm not sure if Cate is ready for a relationship with Bazile, but I am certain that her relationship with Ryan would only cause them both a great deal of heart break in the end.



Four and a half Stars

Grade A

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