Sunday, February 7, 2010

Private Practice: Season 3 Episode 13 'Shotgun' Review

*sniffle*, *tear*...why does Private Practice have to be so sad week after week. Beautiful acting as usual by all cast members, but does somebody always have to be crying or in a crisis, I want some happy times now! *sniffle*.

Aside from all the melodrama this was yet another beautiful episode. Again I admire the topics being dealt with; teenage pregnancy, single parenting, friendship dilemma's and friendships entirely. At first I really couldn't tolerate Sam and Addison in a love scene together, and I still don't want them to end up together. Something about that picture doesn't really strike 'happy couple' to me. I believe they are the one friendship that wasn't wrecked by all the relationship drama and crossing that line for me would ruin that.

On top of that situation, Sam came off as a huge hot head there; always drunk and upset over Maya's situation. I think I cringed when Addison was going through a deja vu mode with Sam in her office. She probably got some flashbacks between her and Mark in the same situation and that didn't end up so good. Hey what ever happened to Mark's daughter, has it been dealt with in Grey's because I am lost there. Things just felt so unresolved. Are there any issues between him and Lexie for the affairs had? Anyway, sort of went on a different track there, but I am disappointed with the writers approach to Addison and Mark. In fact Addison needs to cool down right now, relationships always get messy for her.

On the topic of relationships, I applauded Charlotte for slamming the door in Cooper's face. "She's not here" (wham). Yeah you go Charlotte, let Cooper get the taste of the bitter feeling of loneliness! *erhmmm* Okay so I sensed a bit of awkwardness from Violet in relation to Charlotte. I believe that Charlotte was looking for friendship in Violet, because let's face it, Charlotte has no one in her life, it's really depressing the only friend she had rested in Cooper.

Sheldon, you're back and giving advice to Addison... and dating. I can't believe it was sort of a relief to have his face around again. Before I was quick to get him off the screen and now I can say I actually 'missed' him, hope that feeling doesn't last long. I applaud him for working with Violet in assisting Naomi and Sam with the whole Maya situation. Dink is being responsible for playing the 'dad' role at such a young age. Maya keeps saying he loves her and she loves him and they are (MFEO), but I would want to observe how he handles the parenting when the child actually comes into the picture. It's one thing to say you are going to take up responsibility, but it is another thing to carry it out. Everyone wants to do the right thing, but when things become complicated, another picture is painted.

Naomi went berserk this entire episode, she literally wanted to pretend as if everything was okay with Maya, but facing the problem at hand was inevitable. Naomi doesn't want to admit that her strict parenting skills weren't all legendary and fulfilling as she imagined. I am sure she pictured Maya in college and getting married in the near future, but what does a fifteen year old know about marriage? All I can say is that I hope everything works out for them. It's more than the baby they have to worry about... it's getting a job and worrying about the right school for their child while they are going to school, it's the whole parenting packaged deal. 'It ain't gonna be easy'

Naomi just needs to suck it in and act as a responsible grandmother and Sam needs to keep his hands off of Addison! I am glad Dink's name turned out to be Fillmore, I wonder how he got his nickname though?

Okay things got interesting with the Naomi and Violet scene. No one ever speaks to Violet about Lucas anymore, so I believed Naomi would have hit a soft bone when she brought it up. Instead Violet showed a great level of discipline, at the same time giving Naomi the answer she needed to accept the 'Maya' situation. Pete's dating habits are also interesting, but he better be stop using that cute boy as a girl magnet, that stunt can get old fast.

For now Private Practice, I need some upbeat episodes, a few more laughs and a level headed Addison to create the 'perfect' series, probably even more perfect if that's possible.



Four and a half Stars

Grade B+

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