Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Burn Notice: Season 3, Episode 13 'Enemies Closer' Review

Sam mentioned something very interesting when he and Michael stopped by Fiona's place and she was in her lingerie, obviously expecting only Michael to show up at her door. He mentioned that it was basically nothing he hadn't seen before. I believed Michael should have turned around and given him an intense steer "You looking at my girl Sam!", and to have Sam respond something like "It's not like that Mike", but they really didn't sell it. In fact Fiona had to close up the package she eagerly wanted to give Michael. It a shame, but the plus side would be that Fiona was probably accustomed to Michael making spur of the moment calls, and that could be the cause of her sudden urge to jump to conclusions. It was up to Michael to clarify on the phone "Oh and I'm bringing Sam, so no funny stuff".

For some time now I have formulated the episode structure for Burn Notice. Firstly a scene would either open with Michael finding out something that could shed light on why he was burned, and/or there would be the opportunity for a client to be in need of urgent assistance. Somewhere in the middle of it all Michael's mother would call, or Michael would feel the strong need to visit her because of a dire situation, and of course we would end with Michael progressing slightly into the direction of why he was burned to end the episode. It is actually the same formula for every episode that has formed itself into a trend.

I have no problem with the style, but it was the first time that both Fiona and Sam didn't have his back on a mission. The writers always find a way to have a case appear new and improvised or continue on old plots. Still, I don't think I like Michael's dealings with the sociopath who seems to have a disturbing crush on him, nor did I appreciate this weeks client, who was more like a nymphomaniac on adrenaline. What was up with his urge to spill blood everywhere he went? Did he truly try to have Michael turn on everyone he loved and run off - like that? We knew better of course, the formula for the series would spill if he ran of with that crazy villain.

Sam has a lot of connections and wisdom for the position he maintains in life. He could seriously do more for himself, but leaving Michael to handle his problems on his own is out of the question for him, especially since they are such close buddies. I didn't understand why Fiona would be so upset, it's not the first she's heard of Michael's past, and she still managed to attach herself to him. Sh was definitely trying to teach Michael a lesson for engaging himself irrationally into projects. I don't think I understand Michael's obsession either, but he can't afford to loose Sam and Fiona all at once.

Finally we have Michael's brother grace us with his presence, fully committed, to marriage that is. It would have been funny if Michael's mother did agree to go to Vegas. I don't know why she would prefer to stay with Michael, she surely would not be able to get along with Nate's wife. Michael's mother is constantly in danger around Michael, but I think she believes that Michael's softer side come out around her and it's the longest relationship she has ever spent with him. Plus I noticed Michael's disappointment when Nate suggested it, so it definitely wasn't going to happen. I guess that means Nate wouldn't be showing his face for a while, unless he gets a divorce or finds himself in trouble.

For now, Michael needs to start doing some investigating on the people he works with, not everyone can be taken for their word and why should he trust a sociopath anyway. He should pay attention to how his jobs affect Sam and Fiona, and just look out for himself, realize that people do care about him.



Four Stars

Grade B-

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