Thursday, February 11, 2010

Human Target: Season 1, Epsiode 5 'Run' Review

My Pilot review was not the most embracing of this series, simply because there was nothing setting this show apart from something that has been screened many times on television. I did give it a break, I didn't cut off all ties...yet. Four episodes later and I was slightly intrigued. Don't get be wrong I still hold my view of it's unoriginality as a series, especially since there are many series struggling to maintain a decent season. The past three episodes after the pilot was 'iffy' for me, but this one actually had my attention.

I admire the lawyer and ex-con relationship, the sexual come-on's (any excuse can be given to have someone take off their clothes). At one point I was getting fed-up of having the 'fix-it' guy always have some reason to gain screen time, but his role has its perks. His connections are also fascinating, it leaves you wondering the type of people he knows and the tricks he has up his sleeve.

'Human Target' still carries this cliched way about it, that can cross a very fine line of telling a story that has already been told. I am interested in his past and will continue watching this one with a cautious view. The noodles on his shirt in the beginning shows how much time he has on his hands. They did pose a reasonable question "What makes him the best?". He didn''t answer with a straight response, so I am not truly convinced - yet. How much business could he have within a week. Does he have on-going investigations. I need some more insight into those themes.



Three and a half Stars

Grade C+

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