Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Office: Season 6 Episode 16 'Manager and Salesman' Review

Who would have thought the day would come for Michael to be fighting for a position in sales. The last thing Michael would have wanted before Sabre came along, was to be demoted to sales. Yet here we have Jim and Michael fighting for the very same position they once craved to leave. I actually thought that Jim did more work as manager, than Michael ever did in two minutes.

Michael has truly spoiled Erin to a point we haven't truly seen before. Erin acts like Michael's mother, sister, play partner and crosses the qualities anyone would expect in a receptionist. She should actually get paid more. How much does she make anyway?

Andy and Erin are actually my favorite item to happen right about now and the Valentine themed episode gave Andy every opportunity to break the romantic tension between them. Of course it was yet another play on the Andy-Erin situation. It's strange how they both have their awkward qualities about them, you just wouldn't expect that two people so odd could be such a perfect match for each other.

How about Andy buying a whole set of cards for everyone else just to give Erin that one card. I am not surprised about how obsessive Kelly became, but I am astonished that she was willing to fall for a guy as whacky as Andy. I guess she and Ryan aren't official. It was sure good Meredith didn't get Kelly's card, we all know how that would have ended up. What if the other cards read something like "Meet me in the parking later for a kiss" or even "pass by my house later if you want to know how I truly feel about you". Andy should have at least browsed through the cards to make sure none of them lead to flirtatious statements.

As for Ryan and Dwight's escapade, was that bonding on their part? I didn't think Ryan had it in him. I guess Ryan's glasses were a slight humor to get us noticing his character, but it still didn't make any sense to me. Had they just waited it out things with Jim would have been resolved naturally, without any crazy interventions. Their pack proved to be in vain. Now we know how Ryan feels about Jim and what he is willing to do to get him out of the way. Although I believe Ryan's threats are just as empty. Who is this Sabre woman, by the way, I don't think I like her very much.



Four Stars

Grade B+

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