Sunday, February 21, 2010

Smallville: Season 9, Episode 13 'Persuasion' Review

Lois in a maid-like uniform, cooking, cleaning, crying for 'her man' doesn't work for me. I admired Lois and Clark moments before things became official. The writers haven't found a lasting moment, that could top their first kiss in 'Crossfire' or even the Lois' leg tuck in 'Idol'. In fact the writers haven't found a moment that could even top that handhold in Pandora. I believe the writers are trying so hard to give the fans a mushy moment, that the reason we fell for Lois and Clark becomes blurred. When was the last time we heard Lois show Clark her trendy list for him to follow and become an a-list reporter? When was the last time we had a hysterical upset Lois over Clark, in fact Lois had become more forgiving and a sucker for love than anything else.

Clark himself has grown away from the idea of chasing after Lois and giving her a decent kiss. Now the focus has been around commitment, trust and now marriage. I am sure they just wanted Lois in a wedding dress dancing around (how cool was that scene ah anyway) and proposing to Clark. Slow down! I honestly do not count this kiss as a decent addition to my Clois kiss collection. It felt like a ploy on Clark's part to keep Lois from leaving. It didn't have the passion that would have you stare at the screen, take out the recorded version and press replay until you feel like putting a video of it on Youtube.

The best scenes in 'Persuasion' would be between Tess and Zod. Interesting enough, it did involve a level of persuasion on Zod's part. Tess was obviously not afraid to show her bare self to Zod. I always imagined some kind of passion igniting between them, but it could be something like a flame that keeps burning, like an ornament of some sort. It was about time Clark took the initiative to make a firm decision about where he stood with Zod, by setting the towers afire. There are a few questions for thought; I know the producers work with level of tricks to make extraordinary scenes seem realistic, but for some reason, Clark's blazing eyes didn't match the destruction imposed on the tower, it felt as though that scene needed some more special touches of believability.

On another note, why was Clark so foolish to reveal to Tess his weakness? Why does he continue to treat Tess so horribly and why does Tess act so pathetic around Clark? Another production note with Clark's heat ray vision; why bother to make a fire circle around Tess, when it looked like she could easily run away by jumping over the low flame and how did Chloe know where to find Clark? Could the noise have given it away? I believe that Tess should find some security means to keep Clark from treating her so horribly, he could have killed her, or harmed her dearly. We should care, because without Tess we would have no one really to despise and torment, so we need Tess and I actually admire Cassidy Freeman.

I was stunned when Zod pulled the trigger killing Alia. I always believed Zod was behind Jor-el's murder. I couldn't believe that Tess did it, especially since she feared Clark so much and tried to save Jor-el's life. Tess assumes a curious element to her secretive character, as with her interaction with Amanda Waller, but I believe she tries to put her heart in the right place.

Chloe mentioned an important fact, she saw the future as changed the moment she discovered Alia's murder, but not as Lois was in their present. Instead, she should have mentioned, this is the first noticeable change for the future, since Lois managed to be in the present. Which also meant that either Chloe is alive in the future, or she has another killer.

I am going back on Clois again, because I need to have a few things sorted out. I didn't understand Clark changed after the krptonite went into his system, I believed at first it made him more lovable, but then figured out the effects of the krptonite on others. Firstly, Clark is too evasive with Lois and she needs to point that out now. She should also be able to recognize his absence more and the 'moving in' stunt, had Clark a bit too concerned, especially since they lived together on several occasions before. It was nice of Ms. Kent, who by the way hasn't been seen for a good while now, to lend Lois her wedding dress. Did Lois believe she was going to marry Clark and did she really clean the floors with a toothbrush for four hours if i'm correct. Somewhere through all of that, the real Lois should have surfaced. At least we discovered that Lois still keeps in touch with Lucy.

I believe the writers are putting a lot of attention on Erica Durance and a sappy Lois too much, Clark needs to be the one made fun of for once. When Lois makes pot roast, it's not supposed to burn and she's not supposed to serve it that way. There were so many things about Clois I didn't appreciate here, that I realized how much I preferred it when they weren't together and were at each others throats and hinting around. If the writers have to break them up, to bring them back together, they need to do it. The formula being used for them isn't working for me right now. At least try to remember how Lois and Clark used to be, do not alter their characters to suit, I prefer them just the way they were, that's all.



Three and half Stars

Grade B-

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