Thursday, February 11, 2010

Life Unexpected: Season 1, Episode 4 'Bong Intercepted' Review

Lux surprised me here. She didn't come off as the type that would care about what other people thought about her, or would even try to suck up to anyone just to claim a friend. I don't understand why she would feel the need to lie. It's surprising how each time I grow to resent Cate's character. The more I try to like her, the difficult I find it, when she treats her ex like a poppet and tries to portray herself as the ideal role model for Lux. Cate and Bazile are in the same stance, they weren't mature as teenagers to raise a child, and even if Bazile should have taken more responsibility then, he has done more than what was expected of him now.

Cate paints this picture of Bazile that makes him out to be a horrible dad and a no good, when all Bazile wants to do is try. Try to be a good father as an adult, try to love his child more than his own life and try to work on his job to improve and make an example out of himself. Cate hasn't even given him a chance and consistently sees him as the no good dad who can't do anything for himself.

I understand that Cate is hurting and that's probably the only way she could deal with her conflicting emotions. She would not have slept with Bazile if she didn't harbor feelings for him. I believe it is the guilt of her 'fling' that causes her to act like a spoiled shrew around him. Her fiancee is even more likable than she is at this point.

Anyway, Lux reminds me more of Bazile ironically. She has her defects, but she wears her heart on her sleeve and she always means the best. I actually admire her responsibility for her age. Selling a bong to make ends meet for a father she just met, was honorable indeed and she has earned her stripes. Cate definitely wants the best for Lux, which probably explained the 'well-rounded' school in her opinion, but what about Lux's friends that are like her family. I would want to have some good plots headed their way. They play an essential part in Lux's life and who she is, yet they are hardly ever screened.

We are only a few episodes into this series and I am already interested, to an extent. I just want Cate to smooth out her difficult personality that keeps me from loving her. She needs to be open to her fiancee and Bazile as to where she stands with her life and relationships. Booking a bar directly opposite your ex's place, knowing how much he would need the cash was selfish indeed. She possibly even booked the venue on purpose. Those are the barriers which I haven't tolerated lately when dealing with Cate. It probably explains why Lux and Cate have been fighting so much lately.



Four Stars

Grade C+

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