Saturday, November 27, 2010

Canceled Shows: Lexa's View - We as Fans should have a SAY!

There were many new series that were sprung on us at the latter part of this year.
Shows like:
The Whole Truth

There were also others that were with us for a short time like:
Dark Blue
Life Unexpected
Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles (TSCC)
Men In Trees
10 things I Hate About You

It is actually sometimes a relief when some shows are canceled, for the sake of closure. Some writers start off with a good idea, then carry the storyline into an odd unlikeable turnout, leaving the plot empty and basically worthless. SO I applaud writers for giving in to that early season closure. Then there are some shows that goes on and on and on and the writers just can't seem to realize that no matter how much love stories they create, it's not getting better, unless the catch a lucky break.

My worst fear however, is when there are REALLY, I mean really good series that either don't gain the necessary attraction or the writers make the BIG mistake of canceling before it becomes epic. The worst feeling for a fan is to have their favorite series end with a cliffhanger. Which leaves me somewhat in tears when I found out my favorite series 'Dark Blue' was canceled. For those that follow the series, the writing there was flawless. Sure we had some characters that needed a little more development, but everything else made up for it. The actors were incredibly easy on the eyes and when that last season episode was aired, I waited patiently for any hope of return.

Writers just don't seem to get it, those that become avid fans pay the most after it seems like they give up on a plot, or simply the fact that not much people paid attention. I can think of a list of shows that are more popular, but lacks any sense of chemistry between characters. I wonder sometimes how they last so long? So this would definitely be another heartbreak. I felt the same way the moment I heard TSCC was canceled.

What recently made the canceled list was Life Unexpected Source . I still hoped for a turnaround with this one, even as cancellation was expected, I wanted to have more of Lux's life established. We as fans should have a say in what should or should not get canceled. It seems almost unfair. For those that don't watch 'Dark Blue', you guys should check out the reruns, it's really a good cop series. Even sometimes it felt as though I was the only one that enjoyed it so much, I am certain that there would be an out cry for this one. Huge mistake canceling this one!!!

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