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Castle: Season 3, Episode 8 "Murder Most Fowl" Review

Interestingly enough I found myself glued to the television. Although "Castle" touches lightly on Beckett's past, the series' main focus is on Castle and his life. I find it strange that Castle hasn't been curious enough to dig deeper into Beckett's past, since she clearly wanted to find out who was behind her mother's murder. I am more interested in that aspect, but for now we are faced with a case dilemma; the death of a subway worker, which reveals the kidnapping of a boy. I found Castle and Beckett's teamwork profound; they compliment each other. One of the many reasons I wonder why the writers do not hint romantic gestures between them here and there.

For now, we have Beckett's hunky boyfriend and Castle's absent ex-wife. I could understand why Beckett would move on, but Castle and his ex don't seem like the real deal. It is almost as though he uses his ex to fill a void, that would explain why there is little or no development in their relationship; at least for the viewers. We only get warming moments between Castle and his daughter. I still haven't gotten used to the Alexis and Ashley pair. Leaving his girlfriend with the responsibility of his pet rat was sweet and sour (for Castle mother). I admire how close they have become with the little screen time Ashley gets. We always learn more about Ashley through Alexis, which is crafty on the writers' end.

"Murder Most Fowl" crossed boundaries and subsided along coincidences. The subway worker was my favorite character. Even though we didn't get a live role because of his death, his character spoke highly of him, and he would have done good things had he not been caught in the crossfire. Simply taking pictures of birds should not get you killed the next day. It's saddening how in this world the many people that would have motive to kill, even if you sat back and did the right thing all your life. Although his world did involve an isolated lifestyle. For someone who had such a big heart, his doors were often closed to anyone else, and those who truly knew him, were the ones he went underground with. In reality, Len spent his entire life in the shadows.

The twist was essential for this plot, but I suspected the step-dad had some responsibility in the kidnapping. Sadly it was widely linked around the father's job title, as an all access pass to all floors in an elevator. These guys were deliberate in holding Tyler and his son hostage, making all these impossible demands. Had Tyler done everything these guys asked he would have lost his son and himself. So Len did see the light by saving their lives before he died.

This was a suspense filled episode mixed in with some comedy. Martha to be specific, reminding of the "Three blind mice" tale, minus two, who had Martha literally on the table. Running for a hotel billed by Castle was the little expense Castle had to pay for, bringing light to Martha fun personality. All that makes this series for me are these scenes. I look forward to the development in Alexis' plot and Martha's remarks. I admire Castle's confidence in Beckett to gain some advice on teenage girls, she is like the role model for Alexis. We don't have Castle asking for advice from his ex-wife.

Let's see what new case "Castle" would bring our way, but I also look forward to some Beckett character development, if that's too much to ask for.

Side Note: Could Castle's theory get any more far-fetched? Ryan and Esposito always has a field day with them, always giving Castle a thumbs up. Leave that up to Beckett to cut him off at just the right moments.


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Four Stars

Grade B+

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