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Hellcats: Season 1 Episode 8 "Back of a Car " Review

Who did it in "Back of a Car"?

I didn't think once that Marti was Dan's old flame, and he could still be holding a torch for her. There were many unanswered questions, we were given a huge blow when Marti and Dan indirectly confessed to sleeping with each other. What went wrong either way? It's not like they stopped being friends. We still have moments between Dan and Marti that prove that their connection goes beyond friendship, it could lead to a brother sister relationship. Still, when Dan revealed that his first experience was also behind a pick up truck or a car in this case, Savannah's heart was broken.

I believed Savannah stressed too much on the sex topic and frustrated herself into a difficult, possibly heartbreaking decision. Marti and Lewis cuddled up in bed together, while Dan was setup on the floor, was too much for Savannah to handle. She just needed to relax, Marti and Lewis have had their sexual frustrations relieved and are able to cohabitate in the same bed, but Savannah and Dan are different, because has her principles set about sex and I respected her for them. Everything could have been easier had both guys remained on the floor, but nothing is truly that simple. Savannah had to make a decision; whether to uphold her principles on behalf of her strong faith or give into the pressure of an already frustrated teenage mind, facing sex with her peers regularly.

I didn't expect "Hellcats" to take this relationship centered turn. Their attention has drifted farther from the cheer-leading and more into the high-school drama bits. Savannah is a decent; slightly high-strung individual, and I had my doubts surrounding her losing her virginity and her reasoning behind it. She stresses strongly on her faith and even if Marti had her mixed feelings on the matter, she cared about Savannah, she didn't want her to make a decision based on a rushed moment. Savannah's jealousy of Dan and Marti's relationship could have encouraged the obsession, and I am not too unhappy that she found out about the Dan and Marti relationship. It did hurt watching Savannah leave the hotel room in tears.

Usually having sex would be natural for Dan, but for some strange reason, he had his doubts as well. Being a "player" type could explain why he and Marti broke up, and he gave Marti enough control so that he would not go to the hotel with Savannah. Were they involved romantically before? Wanda took a leap telling Dan about Marti's Diary, but refused to reveal details? She opened a can of worms and told them to stay put; cool metaphor(?). Wanda comes off as the cool mom who tries to do everything right, but ends up saying the wrong things, that make her out to be not such a good mom. Poor Lewis was oblivious to everything going on.

I was surprised when Alice and Jake was revealed to be a couple. After her fallout with Lewis, I believed nothing would make her let go from her old flame for him. We also haven't heard much about Alice's arm, has it healed completely? Her feud with Marti is almost non-existent and the writers have chosen to focus on her relationship with Jake completely. The idea of the football wife was cheesy at best, but Alice ruled in defending her cheerleader honor. Her football husband isn't worth it standing up to his coach, so why is Alice with him? The quarterback title can only go so far. I found that Alice already acted as the wifey, walking about in her lingerie and arguing about her husband's bossy like coach.

Alice, in her own sense, is sensitive beneath her tough exterior. She teared up and gave in to the coaches demands, which I found to be very unlike her. I expected her to stand up to him, instead she waited for her boyfriend to say something, he was already intimidated. Well, her comeback was well articulated, grabbing the reporter in the midst of their annual anniversary party. Vanessa, might I had, had a very interesting voice. I didn't expect her to sing and dance so musically. The "Hellcats" cast has a talented crew of singers, it wouldn't be before long Ashley Tisdale takes the spotlight. I miss Marti's focus on law, especially since it is her center, cheer-leading usually takes over her life. That laptop scene with the guy in her room was mysterious. I like a little mystery, but what was the guy doing in a cheerleader house, wouldn't anyone notice a strange person entering Marti's room?

Overall, an episode filled with ups and downs, tipsy turvey relationship drama, mixed in with a twist of entertainment. Lewis and his funky fro' brought 'back in time' into a new spin.

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Four Stars

Grade B-

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