Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Private Practice: Season 4, Episode 6 "All in the Family" Review

We had the Addison disagreement, the curious Violet and the Sam and Addison dispute, but when Cooper and Charlotte had their disagreement over a child, it seemed measly compared to the trauma she endured during that final moment. That final scene would forever remain scared in our memories, and even worse for Charlotte as she would have to live through that terrible experience for the rest of her life. No one should have to suffer that much pain! The writers sprung it on us during that final scene, just as how Charlotte was surprised that a predator was lurking around her office. The last we would expect as fans, was for this to happen. Our hearts sank in that moment I am certain. I remembered reading articles that one of our beloved characters would have faced this situation, but I put it to the back of my mind, and overtime I forgot the article I read, but after this incident no other story line made sense to mention. Nothing would ever be able to compare to what a dysfunctional person had in store for Charlotte and she was left helpless. No one should ever go through that!

Even as I glimpse scenes from "Did you hear what happened to Charlotte King?", the next episode would leave scars and I dread the moment, but at the same time, I hope for Charlotte's strong will to carry her through. It would be even satisfactory for Cooper to gut the wicked grunt of a human being that would mutilate another like an animal.

Violet had her share of trauma's in her life, and could be the closest that Charlotte could lean on. Her dispute with Pete and his troubled family life was sincere. A wife that wanted to know more about her husband, how beautiful, and I actually grew to admire Pete and Violet's relationship. Addison and Sam had their disagreement as Addison refused sex from Sam for his decision towards a patient. If it meant anything, I believed Addison should not have called the cops on a husbands deranged mind over his comatose wife. That was even based on perception. There were other methods and I appreciated the counseling sessions with Sheldon. Still Addison acted the most concerned, and while she made the reference to Sam to have his way with her while she laid helplessly, I smiled, but frowned on the notion. I enjoyed Lucas' Halloween moments with his family. In addition, there was a tribute to a Prison Break character, who played the HIV positive patient, this was indeed a different role for him.

Yet as I think back to those mentioned moments, my mind shifts over to Charlotte and I grieve. All we as fans can do is watch in dread and gasp. This is a situation that is very popular in the society we live in and to have it happen to one of our beloved characters! We can pelt things at the television screen and scream to the top of our lungs for Charlotte, hoping someone would hear for her sake, but it all comes down to the writers and their capability to deliver a moving story line like this one, that is so sensitive. I dread the next episode, as I prepare for an hour of tears.

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Five Stars

Grade A-

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