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Life Unexpected: Season 2, Episode 7 "Camp Grounded" Review

Why is Cate arguing with someone every-time we tune into "Life Unexpected"? I almost resent scenes where Cate and Ryan are screened together, because they are always at each others throats. In the early days of this series, when it was new, Lux was the center of attraction with her life as a foster child, suffering the spoils of the system. That held my interest for a long time, I looked forward to scenes with Lux and her past life, having problems fitting into the real world with a family; a mother and father that loves her. Reactions to this new life could have been written either way; either Lux grasps the concept of living life with a family quick and efficient or she has her own problems along the lines. The writers chose the latter and the problems Lux became faced with was fitting into school, bouncing up meanbie girls and boyfriend problems. Those seem like typical teenage dilemmas, not that Lux wouldn't face them along the lines, but I hoped for more rebuff.

In the early season the grasp on the social service system was lightly touched on. Occasional clips of Lux as a child was exposed, then the custody of biological parents was embraced. Things took a slow pace afterward; we had mention of Lux stealing a bong to help Baze, Lux partying and then prom night with Bug. There was not much creativity when it came to the psychological pain Lux would have endured all those years. I expected a few scenes where Lux would run away, because even though she loved Cate and Baze, she couldn't handle living a normal life, because it didn't exist in her book. Keeping Bug around kept "Life Unexpected" affiliated with the foster system, but pulling him away made Lux seem like any average teenager.

Now Lux centers her world around this teacher love affair that comes off really wrong. It is a soft storyline to boot since most series has taken up this story arc. I find myself becoming uninterested in moments where Lux and Mr. Daniels are in the same scene together. Eric Daniel's character needs a little fine tuning. As soon as he finds out about Lux as a student, he backs off and becomes cold, after a few episodes he confesses to Lux how much he wants to be near her and it's almost pathetic the way those scenes were delivered. I only hope someone else would discover this 'off' love affair quickly, if not, Tasha needs to say something now!

"Camp Grounded" was an episode used to get all the cast members together so that they get let off some steam, exposing all their issues to the open public. Cate and Ryan needed to have that breaking moment in their marriage, Lux needed to have that thrilling teacher-student relationship, Tasha's relationship with Jones needed to be explored, Baze's relationship with his boss, well you know where this leads. Firstly, what was Baze thinking using the bus as a prop for sex? Did he prepare for the possibility that a student might walk in, just as Cate did? I feel sorry for whoever sat in the seat they did it in, on the trip back home.

This was a sex filled episode, but did they have to show Ryan's sex scene along with Baze's? I couldn't even watch the screen from all that mean sex Ryan threw Cate's way, then to end it by saying they were possibly broken up. Jerk! Frankly Cate and Ryan annoy me so much that I find myself busy during their scenes, I don't ever pay attention really. It is always the same conversation over and over... "Ryan I love you, but Cate you're still in love with Baze, Baze is the father of my child, yeh but you still have a flame for him, yup Baze is the problem, Ryan I love you, let's have sex, I'm angry with you Cate, Baze again, Julia now, who is Julia?, Julia is my ex, she was pregnant, WHAT!, why didn't you tell me, but you hesitated with Baze, BAZE AGAIN!!!!!". It is a recurring cycle with them and their relationship is based on regurgitated arguments, with the inability to truly connect as a real couple. Do they even love each other? All they do is have sex (fine!) but where are the romantic elements, they don't have dinner together or spend time just talking, they are always at each others throats. I knew this would happen since they just jumped into marriage without even thinking about love. It's sad really and a pain to watch!

As for Baze, I like his relationship with his boss, but they jumped into bed too fast within seconds of realizing they had feelings for each other. Everything is fast paced with this series, that you don't get the chance to settle in and like characters. I used to like Tasha for her influence with Lux, but ever since she shacked up with Jones, she became ordinary. The only character that holds my interest even now is Paige. He tom-boyish charm and sexy wit, fearing nothing was cool. Her taste in guys however have been slim. I fear the worst for this series, especially if it keeps up borderline arcs with dwindling room for growth.

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Two and a Half Stars

Grade D

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