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Hellcats: Season 1 Episode 9 "Finish What We Started" Review

This is what happens when someone gets Savannah upset? It's not pretty, Marti had to suffer through several burpees because of it. Moreover, I can't believe Marti did them, she couldn't stop at one point and ask Savannah what was up? Although Savannah had every right to be angry with Dan, Marti had every right to keep "The Back of a Car" at the back of her mind. She and Savannah are friends, but some things are difficult to talk about even when you are friends, and that doesn't make it a lie when you don't spill your guts. It's not like Savannah tells Marti everything either. The rage she showed towards Marti was more directed towards Dan, and it was unnecessary that Savannah allowed a boy to control her emotions so deeply, casting her out from the rest of the group.

I was truly disappointed in Lewis, how long have they been dating? Marti doesn't need to tell him anything related to what happened between her and Dan. Whenever Marti felt like coming clean, that should be her choice. I didn't like how everyone came down on Marti as though she were the villain, Marti has been nothing but helpful and as open as she could be, but she isn't perfect. As for Alice, I was surprised when she expressed compassion for Marti, things had to look really horrible from that angle. Marti used to be a threat for Alice, but now they appear to be meshing well, I wonder how long that would last though?

Had everyone kept their noses in the right place, they would not have forced Marti to confront Dan, and maybe everything would be fine. Now Marti opened a door she cannot close and now She and Dan have a 'thing'. This all started with Savannah and her jealousy, had she just kept things open and not rush things before actually knowing more about Dan, maybe things would have been different, and Dan would be all hers. Unfortunately for Savannah and Lewis, that door was opened and now I'm hoping for a connection between Dan and Marti, when before I would have preferred them as friends. It seemed poetic the way Dan reacted to his first time; afraid and distant, then realizing that their friendship meant more to him after six months of no communication.

In the beginning we have Dan recording Marti's confession that she wouldn't change after she entered the cheer-house, yet he was the one that changed. Although their friendship remains strong, it's hard to ignore the steamy almost sex scene that happened between them again, at the back of the car. Something about those words that brings them in the mood. They were a bit high after all. I was saddened though, the reasoning behind the stake out was to help out Marti's friend behind bars, and the guys got away. I really wanted her to find something interesting enough that would free him from prison. I only hope they are not back to stage one again.

I was angry with Savannah, she was pretty harsh and irrational, but her relationship with her sister soften her outbursts. It was wonderful how she stood in place for her sister. Even as her sisters teammates saw her as competition, she mastered those moves well. I am sorry that her sister is going to be a teenage parent. We now understand why she was awful to Savannah; after her big sister left, she no longer had someone too talk to. Savannah's mother is coming around greatly and I liked how she stood up to Dan when he came to visit. What was Dan going to say?

After Alice made cheer-leading the new front page, things were made difficult for Vanessa. It turns out Raymond was the real target. It sickened me to know that he gave in to the con, but it showed that he truly cared for Vanessa. I am also beginning to dislike her boyfriend. Where is he? He doesn't seem too concerned about Vanessa's past with Raymond anymore. I guess it doesn't matter that fan appeal is turning heads and he may not be the suitable guy for Vanessa.

Savannah made the right decision. It's terrible that she had to experience lying for the benefit of another, through her sister, in order to understand why Marti didn't tell the whole truth. I still hold the fact that Marti was not responsible, she gave the clear for the both of them, when she could have stopped Dan, she wanted the best for Savannah. The only problem I had was Marti's decision after her and Dan's make-out session. How does she expect for things to go back to them being just friends after that steamy scene? She would be helping everyone if she would be honest, because now more people are involved and she has a responsibility to them. She needs to be honest with Lewis, like how he was with him and Alice, and she needs to stop making up Dan's decisions and leave him to do that for himself. They should have literally finished what they started, if not physically, but emotionally for both their benefits.

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Four Stars

Grade B-

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