Friday, November 5, 2010

Castle: Season 3, Episode 7 "Almost Famous" Review

Usually I anticipate Castle on a weekly basis, but now the story lines have been filled with discontinuous themes unrelated to Beckett's past. I have been waiting for a hint from the writers each episode, and ever since Beckett was betrayed by her close friend (the bounty hunter) in "Under the Gun", that was as much information fans were updated on. I appreciate the case with strip tease cop, gone business rogue, but we all know know how well Castle and Beckett could solve cases. So why try to prove it to us over and over again, repeating storyline after storyline. There is always the murder victim, the discovery of the lifeless body, Castle, Beckett and Lanie show up, murder escalates into a wild storyline and murderer is captured. Fans have solved murder cases even before most culprits are revealed. So I expect a bit more from Castle.

The previous episode "3XK" was a brilliant boost, but writers revert to their old strategies with this installment and fans could only tolerate so much redundancy. For me, in the opening of Season 3 Castle was let off the hook easy after he ditched Beckett, before she had the chance to reveal her true feelings for Castle. As much as the Castle/Ex-wife plot has some interest, it seems almost superficial. I preferred Beckett's hunk of a boyfriend, but there are still moments between Beckett and Castle that I keep hoping the writers would exploit. Beckett's mother's case has remained unresolved and there have not been any references made to either plot-lines. So fans are left hoping that the writers would throw a bone, but remain hungry in the end.

The cougar bit relating with the stripper cop was a stretch. I liked how they threw us off-guard in the beginning by throwing suspicion on one of the girls he stripped teased for. I expected the worst for Beckett when she knocked on the door, yet a hungover woman after a huge bachelorette party of some sort, surprised me. The stripper cop did finish his last strip tease. We still couldn't grasp exactly what kind of party it was. The writers tried so hard to throw us off the scent with the stripper side, that it made me uninterested in the lawyer as the culprit and the whole complicated business plot with money and Et cetera...

Castle has had its ups and downs, but I look forward for a continuous spin this season. Alexis' role to follow in her grandmother's footsteps as an actress was amusing. Probably the most successful storyline that has been consistent. For a teaser, the actual strip scenes with Becket was worth a booster. Who knew a cop could be such a turn on, Castle uses that title to his advantage every chance he gets! Did you sense a jealous Beckett when Castle was surrounded by all the ladies?



Three Stars

Grade C-

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