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Life Unexpected: Season 2, Episode 8 "Plumber Cracked" Review

An adult holds it's responsibility. You have to uphold that there are others in your life that may need more than you can rationalize, and you have to understand how your actions may affect others. As a young adult, Lux has her own responsibilities, and I understand why this teacher love-affair would make sense to her, but as for Mr. Daniels, the real adult in the relationship, he should have known better. The running around and the excitement of a secret could bring an adrenaline rush to surface, but Eric should know that Lux as a teen would make irrational decisions. He doesn't have that luxury, not only could he have Lux suspended, but he could lose his license as a teacher. Even as Lux shows more of her irrational side being a teenager, I expected better from her as well.

This episode was filled with a hilarity of plots, mostly surrounding Cate and Ryan's dispute, and Lux with the Mr. Daniels love affair. I applaud Tasha for still being a friend with Lux, but I disapprove of her allowing her place to be meeting grounds for Lux's love affair. It's almost disturbing the way they ran away together and stayed in a hotel. When Tasha covered for Lux after Cate found out about the hotel, they still continued to meet, because Lux said it was okay. I understand what the writers are trying to portray here. They are trying to create the thrill of a perfect love story, but it's not working, Lux and Eric are not well developed for them to be risking so much, after knowing so little about each other.

Cate and Ryan try to mend things, but it's just not working. They argue about the same things and since it's already annoying us, it must be worse off for them being in such a troubled relationship. Cate and Ryan created these problems for themselves, because even though the argument may be about Baze, Baze has moved on and Julia, well she's not even in the picture, so what's the point to this disagreement. I really like their therapist, she puts things into perspective and remains objective at the same time. She doesn't lean to one side over the other, instead she does her job. The exercises she gave to Cate and Ryan, were only exercises because they had to try too hard to get it done. In any relationship there would be that aspect of open honesty, you don't have to spill your guts, but you don't keep everything away either. So instead they moved towards being more miserable than they already were.

The truth surfaces, Julia neglected Ryan and now Cate is a descent substitute for marriage. So was it love, or simply the next best option? Who cares. I am slowly losing interest in this plot. The writers have geared away from the radio station appeal I admired, now focusing more on the confusing relationship battles, and it's not working. Baze and his boss are the only okay ones, but they are too rushed, already they love each other and we didn't get moments outside of make-out sessions to confirm this love the writers threw in our faces. Things are not looking up here.

As for Tasha, I feel really bad for her. Lux let her confess to something she did not do which made Cate take the credit card and some privileges away, and Lux still gets to sneak around. It felt as though Eric revealed to Lux that it was wrong what they were doing to clear his conscience, after Lux persisted, it didn't matter. This just isn't working for me, I actually do not look forward to more installments, probably only to hope that things improve, but it doesn't seem to get better. Where is Kelly anyway? Paige continues to be my favorite character, whatever that's worth.

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Two Stars

Grade D-

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