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Private Practice: Season 4, Episode 8 "What Happens Next" Review

Compassion, concern, guilt, remorse; these are the emotions most feel after someone has been through a trauma, but Charlotte wanted none of it. Her hardcore shell shielded her sensitive side, she didn't want to show pain, that was only weakness to her. Charlotte's mind has gone past reasoning and stuck with survival. She had to survive her everyday pain, and not even Cooper knew what to do for her. It's amazing that no one could truly come close to the real issue of Charlotte's assault. Addison was left with a burden to carry and only Sheldon understood why Charlotte would give Addison the cold shoulder. Addison probably did essentially remind her of that day, and she would rather avoid all images associated with her pain. Unfortunately, Sheldon did not realize the true meaning behind Charlotte's behavior.

Violet had a lot to relate with Charlotte. This was the first time details surrounding Violet's assault was shared with anyone, but Charlotte wouldn't hear it! It was as though she spent the entire day convincing herself that it was a robbery that's all, because that's what everyone else believed 'a robbery, that's all it was' and she didn't know why the schmuck didn't take the purse and leave! Charlotte confronted Violet, revealing the Katie incident, that she thought at the time could have helped Charlotte, but Charlotte snapped 'no you don't get it Violet!'. She couldn't bear the thought and had it just been a robbery, and a few broken ribs, maybe that speech would have worked. Instead the latter did and Charlotte had to face it, ripping apart her newly reformed office.

Who's idea was it to send Charlotte back to her office? Even if they believed it was just a robbery, she still endured a trauma. It seemed so cruel then. I was glad that Amelia reached out to Charlotte; her willingness to attend meetings showed that she had also succumb to pills to ease her pain. A touching moment for this episode was between Cooper and Charlotte in bed together. Even as Charlotte's scars healed, everything inside her was still bruised, beyond repair and all Cooper could do was lie close enough to let her know he was near, but not close enough to touch her. That was deep, and as Charlotte's fiancee, holding hands was the biggest step for their relationship, although I fear the worst, that she would push Cooper away if she had the chance, but Cooper would put up a huge fight first.

Addison and Sam have proven to be a mature couple and for the first time, 'maybe' Sam could be it for Addison. She was the only one that really knew about Charlotte and it killed her that she couldn't tell Sam. I still believed that telling him the truth during sex wasn't the best time and it painted an awkward picture in the viewers' minds as well. I know as fans we commit names to reveal our favorite pairs, and Addison and Sam want to paint it in our minds that they are AddiSam. I admire the way Sam told Violet to talk to Charlotte, but not telling her why, keeping Addison's promise in tact. They actually work well together. I miss Naomi however, where is she? She should be at least keeping tabs on Maya and with Sam spending all this time with Addison, are they leaving the responsibility of the child in Maya's hands alone?

Cases returned as usual here, this time focusing on religious beliefs and another dilemma between Cooper and Pete. Still it wasn't a center case and all was remedied by the patient at hand. Cooper went to extremes however, involving a judge, because he saw the father as incapable of making rationale decisions. Pete made a persuasive appeal, it was up to the patient and her beliefs, if she didn't believe, then what would be the point of supporting her father's decisions. At least Pete's reasoning made more sense there. As for the girl, she was brave, to sacrifice her life because she believed treatment was too expensive for her family. I was happy they found a new solution to the financial problem enabling to girl to get the necessary treatment in the end.

All that mattered really after the episode ended, was what's gong to happen next. I saw the promos involving the follow up after Sheldon fessed up to the cops, when he discovered the truth and Addison doing what she thought was right in the end, with Sam's help. It's all up to Charlotte now and her willingness to prosecute. How would she handle that? Would her hard surface remain firm, if she breaks down in tears, so would we as an audience.

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Four and a Half Stars

Grade A

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